Invoicing For Profits

What is invoicing for Profits? Invoicing for profits is when you create your invoice in such a way as to ensure that you’re getting paid all that you possibly can. In short, you’re not leaving money on the table! That’s what Invoicing for Profits is all about. Obviously, there are many factors to consider when […]

Contractor Protect Yourself From Frivolous Client Lawsuits

Contractor Protect Yourself from Frivolous Client Lawsuits As a contractor of any type, it’s important to protect yourself from frivolous client lawsuits. It’s becoming more prevalent for clients to complain about jobs that they feel were not done correctly in their view, and attempt to get refunds from the contractor that did the job. This may […]

Mobile App the Help for Small Businesses

  Mobile App’s for Small Businesses A Mobile App may be just the help you need for your Small Business because it allows the business person to conduct business regardless of where ever he or she happens to be located at that moment. Mobile apps can do many different things, they can help you do […]

Why Mobile Business Apps Are Now Commonly Used

Why Mobile Business Apps Are Now Commonly Used  The mobile business app is now common for businesses and is seen as a new way of business branding in the markets. Before now, apps were being used by the large companies due to the huge cost of developing a custom app. As technology advances all the […]

The Cellular Enterprise App

The Cellular Enterprise App The Cellular Enterprise App is now commonplace and the way business is done today. In times past, apps were underutilized by the massive groups due to their large cost. Apps have advanced a long way in all instances, the builders of them have now created apps which cost less and are […]

Best Mobile App for Small Business Profit

Best mobile app for small business profit is hands down the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App! With this app, you can make all of your job estimates including things like travel expenses fuel cost and materials to do the job. This app was created to assist smaller type businesses that can’t afford to spend a […]

Profit Pal Number One Tradesmen App

   Profit Pal Number One Tradesmen App Tradesmen need an app that’s designed for them. To say we are the Number One Tradesmen App is a tall order, but we feel like we are. This app is made for Tradesmen and designed around their needs. To say that the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is […]

A Company Invoice Template Stand Out!

Make your company’s Invoice Template Stand Out! To make your company invoice template stand out you first need a good template to use. The Company Invoice Template you choose is important to the professional appearance of your company invoice. How you make your company’s Invoice Template is important because not only an image of your company but is also […]

Easy Invoicing

If Easy Invoicing is important to your business? It’s never been easier to invoice clients. You can now invoice clients the easy way. Easy invoicing with the Profit Pal App is the way to do business today. With the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App, You can create the job estimate, including all of the cost […]

Mobile Invoicing Apps

Mobile Invoicing Apps are especially useful to anyone in business today. They can help you to make better use of your time and help you to keep better track of the work you do. We work so hard nowadays to earn money to take care of our families. In these days of stubborn inflation that […]

Invoicing on the Fly

Invoicing on the Fly This title Invoicing on the Fly just means the method of invoicing to your customer from your smartphone. Today It’s possible to Invoice your clients on the fly when you’re on the road, and not necessarily at the job location. Having this ability to do Invoicing on the fly can be important to your […]

Invoice Template

Invoice Template in the Profit Pal App The Invoice Template in the Profit Pal App is designed in a friendly easy to use manner. The user simply enters the information asked for into the template boxes. The app will organize this information and have it to show up correctly on your invoice. It’s very easy to use.  […]

Handyman Invoicing

Handyman Invoicing Customers As a Handyman, you’ll need to invoice your clients the same way contractors do, clients are relying on you to provide them with great service. You are called a Handyman because you are qualified in many different construction disciplines. Some of these areas are: 1. Drywall repairs 2. Painting 3. Minor plumbing 4. Roofing repairs 5. Minor electrical […]

Landscapers App

Invoicing for Landscapers, Details of the Job Landscapers can use an app it can be the most valuable tool Landscapers can have. Not getting lost in all of the job details, as jobs can become quite involved these days. There are many details to be considered when doing a landscape job. From the soil to the plants to the […]

The Mileage Expense for Your Business Travel

The Mileage Expense for Your Business Travel The Miles you put on your vehicles is a deductible expense for businesses, it’s something that is often overlooked. As you go about your business day it’s easy to forget to account for the miles that you’re traveling to jobs. If you’re in business you should know by […]

Simple Invoice Template

  Creating the Simple Invoice Create a simple invoice using the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App, and the simple invoice template. The Profit Pal App has a simple invoice template that allows you to create your very own simple invoice. It has to be among the easiest to use. All you do is hit the create […]

When to Invoice Your Clients

Knowing When to Invoice Your Clients When to invoice your clients this is the question some may ask, when should I invoice a client? You may not be aware of this but its important. It’s important to Invoice your clients as soon as the work is completed. If you let to much time go by, […]