Easy Mobile Invoicing App

The Best Easy to Use Mobile Invoicing App

It’s possible today to use an easy mobile invoicing app to Invoice your clients directly from your smartphone. It is now easier than ever to send mobile invoices to your clients.

No more need to carry paper invoices in your vehicle. Paper invoices that usually wind up getting folded and shabby looking even before you give them to your clients.

Now with mobile invoicing all you need is an app on your smartphone and you can send your clients the invoice right to their email inboxes.

Gone are the days when you needed to search for a pen and paper to create a receipt for the client. Now you can simply do the process of invoicing your clients where ever you are, just using your Smartphone.

And if you have a wireless printer in nearby with the Bluetooth capability you can print the invoice out right where you are.

And for our money, there’s no better mobile invoicing app than the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. You can quote the job send it and if the client doesn’t like the numbers, just change it and send another.

The convenience is just so helpful. And when you use an app like the Profit Pal App to do the quoting, the App is helping you to Bill correctly, since it’s guiding you through the process.

It’s doing this by prompting you to fill in the fields that apply to your jobs. when the fields are filled in you just hit calculate and the app does the calculating for you.

Great stuff these days! This App even has a goal box that when used the App will calculate how much each of you subsequent job cost need to be to reach your stated goal.

The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is just the easiest Mobile Invoicing App available in the app stores. Learn more about the app at https://profitpal1.com

The Profit Pal Team





Save 40% on (your offer)…

Plumbers Coupon

Save 40% on (your coupon offer)…

When you see a coupon Save 40% on whatever they are promoting it’s hard to resist, at least you want to see what the offer is all about.

That’s the power of coupons! You see it’s a very good way to get your clients attention to what you have to offer.

With this app the Profit Pal App you’ll have three different coupon templates to create your great looking coupon offers.

The app has the feature built in. You’ll be able to send them to any client that has given you their email address.

It’s very easy to do with the app. You’ll be able to send offers like in the title of this article, Save 40% on (your offer)… And you do it right from your Smartphone or Tablet, from wherever you happen to be at the time.

You can see that we have thought about things in this app to make your job so much easier to accomplish.

And when the price is so small for this app if you’re in any type of small business this app has something for you.

You really have no excuse not to get it. It is well thought out and when you use this Coupon Feature in the app you’ll be hard to resist.

It really can get you more jobs and thus more income for you. So don’t hesitate we don’t know how much longer we can keep the price so low!

Just follow one of the links to whichever app store your device uses, and you’ll be glad you did!

The Profit Pal App Team,

Your Company’s Best Friend



Company’s need a friend

Your company’s best friend today just might be an app. Apps today can really help you to improve your bottom line.

Apps are designed with your business in mind! Regardless of the business, you are in, an app might be just what you’ve been looking for. How can they help you to improve your numbers?  An app that’s intuitive that lets you enter your job quotes, track your earnings, and even create and print invoices straight from the app can really speed things up.

Introducing The Profit Pal Mobile App

You may or may not be aware that today most companies track their technicians work with apps on smartphones and tablets. Most of the larger companies already have proprietary apps downloaded on their tech’s phone or tablet.

This is not in the future it has been going on for some time now. They are able to transmit job location, type of job, hours it should take to accomplish the job, and the billing cost for the particular job. Now it’s time that smaller businesses get up to speed, and have the same advantage for their people. This is what the Profit Pal App was designed to do. So don’t delay you really do need this app.

Apps are definitely here to stay because they are just so helpful. Apps today can increase revenues in any business because they allow you to perform functions in a fraction of the time it used to take. Not to mention the accuracy of the output is many levels higher. It’s much easier to follow a template when entering the job data than it was when you needed to remember each and every item that needed to be in the job estimate.

As you account for items which could have easily missed in completing estimates and invoicing the old way on paper. Sometimes we are reluctant to try new things. In this case, I wouldn’t hesitate since it already been proven by the shire amount of people adopting the new way of communicating with clients.

To download the app simply go to Google Play for Android Phones or if you have an Apple phone visit the iTunes App Store.

So why am I suggesting you get this app? There’s a simple answer “because It was made  for you, so your business to succeed.” It’s really that simple no need to elaborate anymore.

Watch the videos on the home page and learn all about the app and how to use it.

To learn even more go to the home of the Profit Pal App website: https://www.profitpal1.com there you will learn all you need to know about this wonderful app.


Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Someone once said the only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!

Questions? that’s what we’re here for. Most websites have a section titled Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), this is where they give you a question, and then follow up with the answer to that particular question. Here at the Home of The Profit Pal App, we do things a little different. Instead, we provide complete blog articles about all of the particular features of the app

Their method may be suitable for some applications: however, since the Profit Pal App is a business app, and all of the scenarios that will affect your business out there can’t be anticipated, we take a different approach.

Once you have become familiar with the app and take some time to read the Blog Articles you will be an expert with the app.  We take each area of the app break it down to specifics, and explain how to use it. We also tell you the advantages of that area, and how it can help you day to day. We think this is a better approach since it is a way of teaching an overall strategy to use the app and its features.

Once you have a better understanding of the areas then you can decide the best way to improve your own particular situation. Since each person who downloads the app is in a different business and has different issues associated with their business needs. We feel this approach is better suited for this type of application.  

The articles are generally no more than approximately 300 words or so. This allows you to breeze through them quickly, and get a greater understanding of the app. Now don’t think that because we took this approach the app is difficult to use, that’s by no means the case. This app was designed to be used by anyone, It’s just that some may get more out of it by reading the articles, and achieving a higher level of understanding that’s all. You be the judge!

The Profit Pal Team  


Intructions For Profit Pal App

Instructions for Profit Pal App


  • Start Profit Pal by clicking on the Profit Pal Icon
  • Profit Pal opens to the Terms of Use Page on first use (once Terms of Use are excepted will not show upon subsequent openings)
  • The Profit Pal Form Page opens here start by entering information into the boxes (all boxes used for data inputs) located in the upper right side of page Note: You do not need to enter an amount if not using that particular box opr just put a zero in it. This is to help you stay on course to your earnings goal
  • Expected Jobs Box: enter number of Expected jobs for the current week i.e., if you average 5 jobs per week enter the number 5 in this box
  • Add New Job: by clicking the Green (+) sign next to the add New Job box ( Profit Pal opens the New Job Page)
  • Job Title Box: Enter a job title in the Job Title Box i.e.; can be an address or just the name of something
  • Description Box: enter a description about the particular job i.e.; Replace main water line or Repaired electrical box etcetera…
  • Job Location Map Pin: to the right of the Description Box Tap the Map Pin Icon (opens a map that shows your current location (here you move the map until you see the location of the new job (general location is good enough) Tap the screen a Red Star (  imagesIBJMI3DB ) appears at that location. This is used to calculate the distance to your new job. Move the map until you see the general location of the new job. Then Tap the map a red star appears at that location. Now at the top left hand side of the screen click the Done button
  • Number of hours Box : enter the number of hours the job is expected to take
  • $/hour Dollars Per Hour enter your hourly rate ( Profit Pal automatically calculates the estimated hours times dollar amount ) and show it in the Estimated Hours ($) Box
  • Current Location Map Icon click on it and the map opens once again and will be showing your current location again ( imagesIBJMI3DB) to the left side top and click the Done Button ( Profit Pal has Calculated the distance and entered it into the Distance from your current location to the new job) this information is used to calculate on Fuel Cost and Travel Cost
  • Fuel Cost/Per gallon Box Here you enter your actual cost for fuel in gallons ( i.e.; $3.65/gallon you would enter 3.65) Profit Pal automatically populates the Total Travel cost based on distance and your fuel cost
  • Travel Cost Box automatically calculated by Profit Pal based on fuel cost and mileage entered from the Maps
  • Mileage Expense Box: in the Mileage Expense box enter an amount that your business charges for travel wear and tear on your vehicles (i.e.; .52 / dollar) this will get multiplied on the miles traveled.
  • Difficulty Level : enter a level from 1 to 5 and enter a dollar amount, this is an added amount for the difficulty ( i.e. ; something that is above and beyond the normal scope of work such as digging a ditch to install a pipe )
  • Materials : enter the $ amount of the materials used on the job (note: if no materials enter a (0) there or just leave empty)
  • Tax on Materials : enter a percentage amount as a whole number i.e.; the number 9 = 9% etcetera based on your State ( this percentage is multiplied on the materials only since tax is not charged on Labor) Profit Pal makes this calculation for you based on the percentage you put here
  • Calculate Button : when you hit calculate at the top of the screen Profit Pal crunches all of the numbers and back to the you started at and shows the jobs in a list first to last on the page you will have, Current Job Total, Total Jobs Cost, Additional Jobs, and Average Job Cost needed to reach your established goal
  • Save Button : the Save function at the top left to save the job and automatically send a two reports via email to the email account you used when you signed up for the app
  • That concludes entering the job, next is Invoicing

Using the Invoice Feature in Profit Pal App One of the outstanding features of the Profit Pal App is its ability to create invoices. These are the steps for using the Invoicing Feature

  1. Start the app (you are at the Job List screen)
  2. Tap the Invoice Icon at the bottom of the screen (Invoice function opens)
  3. Tap the New Jobs button
  4. Tap the Add Jobs Green Dot with the Plus Symbol in it +
  5. Enter the Job information into the New Job Screen
  6. Tap the Calculate button (now shows current Job)
  7. Tap the Submit button (top right side of screen)
  8. Tap Invoice Icon again
  9. Tap New Invoice (fill the company information)
  10. Tap Choose Job (the Green Dot with the + symbol in it)
  11. Scroll till you find the job you just saved (tab the Dot next for green-checkmark-clip-artthat job a Check mark shows up in the Dot green-checkmark-clip-artgreen-checkmark-clip-art
  12. Tap Calculate (top of screen) Profit Pal brings the data over to the invoice
  13. Tap Save at bottom of screen (you’re done)
  14. Menu shows up on your phone with the programs that you use to view your files
  15. Tap whichever viewer program you want to use to open the invoice
  16. Now you can View, Send to an email address, or Print

  Take a little time to get familiar with the app. Play with it by creating fictitious jobs and saving them to see how Profit Pal performs the calculations for you.

It is our sincere wish that Profit Pal serves you well, and that it helps you to improve your income numbers in whatever business you’re in.   From the Profit Pal team Thanks for purchasing the Profit Pal App.   Profit Pal App Video Tutorial Click Here!

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How to upload Materials into the Invoice on Profit Pal App

If you’ve needed a little help on how to upload your material to the invoice in the Profit Pal App, then this is for you! These are the steps that you’ll take to Invoice the materials on to the invoice to get paid for them Once you have created the job and saved it to the Jobs file you just do the following, and you’ll get it in no time. You may want to practice this a couple of times and you’ll get it!

Start Here! Here you are in the App Features Screen tap on New Invoice


After Tapping on the Date for your invoice, then select the + job by Taping the round button for the job you want to invoice Next image

Select the job by tapping in the ball and a checkmark goes in the ball, Then Tap Calculate at the top right

Next Tap the Edit Button Tapping Edit brings up the materials 

Select the materials you would like to add


Tap the Calculate button right top

Now tap Upload materials, Then tap Calculate button at the top

Tap Green Save button

Next Tap the Save button the invoice is created and a copy is sent to the email address you have in the Send to box


And you’re Done you’ve created a great looking invoice to send to your client!

Receipt Apps for Business

Receipt Apps for Business

A Receipt app is a very good idea for business people. These apps are developed to show the evidence of sales record. When you employ an individual to manage your business, while you engage in other things, there is a need for you to install a receipt app in order to monitor your business. There will be times where the receipt may not exist in future. Receipt app can help to get through that situation.

There are apps that can help you scan receipts through smartphones, iPhones and tablets camera which will organize and group your expenses, then keep copies of expenses reports and future records. This means you can track your income and expenditures through the receipt apps

Here are some top receipt apps.


This app is one of the best expense report software for tracking your business receipts. You can use your mobile device to take the picture of your receipt, and the Expensify app will automatically bring out the charges that you can include with a particular expense report. Expensify can also track your mileage and travel time in case you will need to include it in your report. This app can also save your business transaction history.


Receiptmate comes with a new level of scanning by helping you save your receipts with Evernote instead of storing the pictures or pdf of receipts. Your transactions will be saved in an Evernote document which you can easily access at any time in your Evernote account. The app can also allow you to view your transactions through pdf or excel packages.

Receipts by waves

This is an android app which combines all spending paths of your business. Using this app you can add receipts from email confirmation, paper copies and online orders in one set of tool. The user would have confirmed the business details in the app before tracking anything.


Smartreceipts is also an android app for keeping receipts in an organized way. This app uses your activities to help track your expenditures and manage your budgets, forecasting sets of spending according to the time of the day. Smart receipts app can also report on global currencies, in case you travel out of your county. It allows users to input custom fields and get their receipts in CSV format for easy submission in a case of refund.

Just a short list of the available Smartreceipt apps

Profit Pal App Team

Best Apps for Small Business

Best Apps for Small Business

Here are some of the best apps created for small business.

Business owners need to think of many aspects of social media consultants, accounting, customer service specialist and many other aspects that concern business activities. Thanks to the world of advanced technology where we now have many apps developed to help the entrepreneur and reducing the loads a little bit.

Profit Pal App

This app was created to help small business have the same advantages as the large companies and to be just as effective in their day to day activities. The app can calculate any job, and saves each job to a Job file where it can be looked at whenever needed. This app comes with many useful features such as the ability to create your own coupons to send to clients. Definitely, an app that should be looked at if you’re in business today.


Evernote app helps small business owners to store notes in an orderly way. You can get some information from the web, identifying them for easy location and inserting of pictures, audio, and videos. With Evernote app, you can access your business information on your device anywhere you might be.


This is accounting software specially developed for small business with less than ten employees. It allows small business owners to trace their income and expenditures, management of invoice, generate reports, scan receipts and paying the employees. It comes with different types of apps which cover every aspect of small business accounting.


The toggle is a time tracking app which was designed to help small business done in a simple way. With just one click, the timer will track where every second of your working time to the end. It can also be used for tracking projects, export timesheets, view graphs and synchronize you output with other project management apps.


The square app is developed for small business owners who rely on selling points, but have a restricted budget for the payment system. It comes with an easy card reader that can be inserted into any mobile device. The square app operates just like the big POS systems that encourage the scanning of payment cards and process payments.


Upwork is an app developed for small business owners with little employees. With Upwork app, you can hire freelancer by posting a job offer on the platform. They will match you with a good and skillful freelancer suitable for your job. Upwork app helps make work easier and simple for small business owners.

As a small business owner, there’s no need to make things hard for yourself. We are now in technology advanced world, and all these mobile apps have been developed to make things easier for you.

Note: Some of these applications require monthly subscriptions while others only require a onetime pay.

Something to think about!


The Online Business App

Online Business App

The Online Business App

Since the inception of the online business app work has become much easier for business people all around the world. They have reduced waste in critical resources like time and finances. They’ve also been able to increase productivity to higher levels. And have even been helping to make their products more popular than ever before.

Whether an organization is small or large, the online mobile app has helped them more than any other method to conduct business.

There are many benefits that come with online business apps. The old manual mode of running a business has given way for new modes. The online business app is the latest app in the trends.

Apps have helped management account for time, cost, space, even workers. Some would say that’s the only downside, as all of these have been reduced. Business people no longer waste their resources since the introduction of the online business app. Most of the activities in the business organizations are now operated through the online mobile app much more efficiently.

These apps have been able to solve the problems of storage and retrieval of documents.  They have also been able to reduce the critical office footprint as images and documents can now be stored online. And the stored items can be searched and pulled up whenever they’re needed instantly.

Some of these can also solve the expert assistance issues when requested by management as they can be improved as needed.  By constant editing and fine tuning, management can reap the advantage not only of expert assistance but also the time saved compared to the hiring of individuals.

By advertising your products online, people will be able to see and order from far places. This has not only promoted the popularity of the business but also increased the number of the customers around the world.

Any business can become more popular by the use of an app. By advertising your products online, people will be able to see and order from faraway places. This has not only promotes the popularity of the business but also increases the number of customers around the world.

Business App
Business App



Getting your Reports with the Profit Pal App is Easy!


Inventory Report

Getting your Reports with the Profit Pal App is Easy!

It’s easier than ever to get your reports with the Profit Pal App. When you tap the green save button in the app not only does the app save your job to the Saved jobs file, the app also sends you the report in two different formats, one is in Excel and the other is a P.D. F. format.

This makes it easy for you to know not only your income but also the cost for you to travel to that particular client.  This feature was added to the app because we felt that many small businesses don’t really know what their cost of doing business actually is.

Now it’s really easy for you to keep track of those costs and to account for them when you estimate a job or just travel there to give an estimate or for whatever reason, you’re going there.

This is just one of the very useful features you’ll find in this app because we have thought of the important things for you so you don’t need to.

We know that there are many apps out there for you to choose from, but we know that we have placed in this app so many different benefits for you and your business because we wanted to over deliver to ensure your satisfaction.

When you download our app you’ll see just how much it offers you in the way of helping your business to make more and save more. Not only that, but it will help you to know more about your business than you ever thought possible.

You really do need to know these numbers, as they can make you more profitable with every job you do!

So if I were you I wouldn’t hesitate in the least as many of what you did on paper in the past will no longer be necessary since your invoices and reports will be sent via email. And if you still want to print them out just carry a wireless printer in your vehicle and you can easily print them there wherever you happen to be.

Why not get the app today! it will help you to be much more accurate and produce more than you ever thought possible.

The Profit Pal App Team

Want to Control your Inventory

service_van truck_inventory_2_jpg

Want to Control Your Inventory

Want to control your inventory, controlling your inventory can actually be easy. That is if you have an app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App on your Smartphone or Tablet.

That’s because the Profit Pal App now has the new inventory feature. With this feature, you create your own inventory list, based on the parts you’re carrying on your truck. It’s very easy to use, you just enter the names of your items and the starting counts for each of the items. You also can enter the price you charge the customer for each item.

Once you’ve done that, the app will keep track of them. Whenever you add a part to a job and put it in the job file, the app will automatically subtract those items from the inventory count for each of the items. This feature is the answer for many of you out there who have been struggling to keep up with your parts.

Controlling your inventory is big when considering the cost of doing business, and it’s important to know where your parts are going. The beauty of this feature in the app is that you now know in real time exactly what your part counts are. And when it’s time to replenish them and once you’ve purchased the new ones you simply hit the + button and add the new amount you just added and the app updated the part count for that particular part.  And it’s just as easy to add new parts whenever you load something new into your truck.

The problem of tracking parts has long been an annoyance to many trades’ people, for Plumbers, Electricians, Contractors, and many more tradespeople out there.

This’s why we added this feature to the app. We heard your complaints and responded with this great feature, so don’t delay. If you only use this part of the app you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. So enjoy using the Inventory Control Feature. And the rest of the app is on us.

The Profit Pal App Team



Smartphone is Your New Office

16472077-Female-electrician-Stock-Photo-electrician-construction-woman hands-man-smart-phone-carpenter-holding-workbench-58037234

The smartphone is Your New Office App


So what’s a Smartphone App Anyway? And how can it be your new office?

I’ll explain that here! Let’s say for practical purposes that your job takes you on the road or out in the field, as it’s called by Mobile workers.

The Smartphone Welcome to Your New Office!

Your Office in the Field

As you go out to do jobs and find yourself away from the normal office environment. What I mean to say by that is that you’ll generally not have available to you all of the tools you’d normally find in a business office. Finding yourself working in the field you may feel at a slight disadvantage, not having the office tools you’re accustomed to at your disposal. Things like a copier, a Scanner, or a printer. These are just a few of the office tools you may not have access to when working in the field.

However; today that doesn’t need to be the case, since there are actually quite a few Mobile Office replacements for the traditional office tools. For example, there are Mobile Printers. These printers have their own rechargeable battery so you don’t even need to be where there’s power. And many have a cord that you just plug into the vehicle cigarette lighter port.

So this takes care of the problem of printing in the field. Now you may be thinking, that’s fine but I don’t have a P.C. in my vehicle to use to view the invoice before I print it!

But you’d be wrong because you actually do! And it’s on your Smartphone. You see your Smartphone is a computer, if you’ve ever looked inside one you would see that it’s just a miniature version of your P.C.

That Smartphone you’re carrying can do just about everything that you would previously do on your P.C. You know how you will send emails to your clients from your P.C. Well, you can do the same thing with your Smartphone.

Having said that, the truth is all you need to accomplish this are programs, the same way your P.C. came loaded with programs to do your Word Processing, and your Excel spreadsheets.

Now when it comes to your Smartphone, they just call them something a little different, they are called Apps, which is just a short way of saying applications.

When you have the correct App downloaded to your Smartphone, you can do all of the same things you’re used to doing at the office, right there where you are.

You no longer need to put things off until you reach your office. Don’t shy away from trying your new office tools out there. They were actually made to make your life easier and better.

Of course, I would like to recommend our app! The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App

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Mobile Billing App


Mobile Billing Apps

Mobile billing apps are used in many businesses today. For the most part that’s because they allow you the flexibility to send the bill to your customer right from your Smartphone.

Gone are the days when people estimate and bill customers on paper. That might have worked fine until you spilled your coffee on the paper tablet and could no longer read what you wrote on it.

Today it’s much more convenient to use a Mobile Billing App. With this type of app on your Smartphone, you simply fill in the information about the job you’re doing for your client, create the invoice and send by email to your client. It’s really that simple. And the advantage is that you will always have a copy in your phone, and even stored on the Cloud. This is just a much more efficient way of doing business.

There are so many advantages, I can’t cover them all here in this brief article, but suffice to say some of the new ways of doing things are actually much better. Unless you’re married to the old way of looking for something to write with, which you can’t seem to ever find when you need one. But guarantee you know where your cell phone is, and that’s all you’ll need when you have a billing app on your phone.

Mobile Billing apps today like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App will even send you the reports of all of your billing directly to your email inbox. So when it comes time to do your bookkeeping, There’s no problem, you’ll have an Excel Spreadsheet right at your disposal. You can use it to do all of your bookkeeping, or simply forward it to whoever does your books.

That’s simplicity at its best.

So get this Mobile Billing App today and simplify your business life.

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Estimating and Bidding Jobs

Screenshot Invoice With Logo
App for Estimating Jobs

Apps for Estimating and Bidding Jobs

Why you should be using an app to estimate your jobs!

When it comes to apps for estimating and bidding here are some things you should be thinking about.

Today’s business people have many advantages that were not available just a few short years ago.

Now with the invention of computers, Smart Phones, and Tablets, with these modern conveniences, there’s just no reason for any smart business person not to be using them.

There are so many good business apps out there, that it could be difficult for a person to decide on which t use.

When you use apps for estimating and bidding you are much less likely to miss the important things. The reason for this is that the people who design these apps have pretty much thought of all the relevant things you’ll need to be entering into your estimates. This is a big help to you as an entrepreneur business person. This frees your mind to concentrate on the job at hand.

These new tools not only are time savers, but they also allow you to be much more accurate with your job bidding and estimates.

The fact that you are using an app to create your estimates make you look much more professional to your clients as well.

An app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App is just such an app. It was designed to make your life easier because we all only have just 24 hours in each day and it’s important that we make the most of them.

Why not use this app to estimate and bid your jobs today. You just might wonder how you got along without one before!

It’s easy to get started just follow one of the links below for the app store that applies to your device that’s it.

So wouldn’t now be a good time to download your bidding app. Start today and stop doing things the old fashion way, and start doing it the smart way!

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Product List


1 2 315 16 17


Eco-diet and fitness plan

The surprisingly simple way to lose weight fast and get into the shape permanently.

The surprisingly simple way to lose weight fast and get into the best shape of your life – permanently This book clearly outlines a complete and permanent solution It’s a scientifically based and nutritionally sound way of eating based on the same diet our ancestors followed for thousands of years.


Lean Belly Breakthrough

The 2-minute Ritual Proven To Eliminate 1 Pound Per Day Of Dangerous Belly Fat

The 2-minute Ritual Proven To Eliminate 1 Pound Per Day Of Dangerous Belly Fat. From Best Selling Author Bruce Krahn.


Hypnosis to change your life

This will lose weight, stop smoking, gain unlimited confidence and motivation.

Steve G. Jones – Hypnosis Can Help You to Lose Weight, Stop Smoking and Gain Unlimited Confidence And Motivation.


The Hospital Diet.

Increase Metabolism And Lose Min. 10 Lbs. In 13 Days. Professionally Tested And Developed. Guaranteed Weight loss.

Increase Metabolism And Lose Min. 10 Lbs. In 13 Days. Professionally Tested And Developed. Guaranteed Weight loss.


Raw food recipes

This lifestyle guide is the best place to start with Raw food.It is the ultimate manual.

In this unique book, Raw vegan chef Kristen Suzanne presents transitional recipes designed to help people experiment or migrate gradually toward the healthy Raw food diet, using techniques such as combining raw and cooked elements in the same dish, or sneaking Raw food into family meals.

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