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Get Paid Faster by Mobile Invoicing Your Clients

Why Not Get Paid Faster by Mobile Invoicing Your Clients

It’s easy to get paid faster when you mobile invoice clients today you’ll get paid faster.

Mobile invoicing is easier than you may think. All you’ll need is an app on your smartphone that’s it.

There are just so many advantages to using an invoicing app in business. What happens if you create the invoice right there in the app and you just enter the persons’ email address and send it to them right from your phone.

Its so convenient and just makes life just that much easier. And the advantages don’t just stop there, the app can also do all of the calculations for you, so no need to worry about miscalculating something.

Our app the Profit Pal App has many different tools built right in to make your workload easier. An example is when you enter your hourly rate and tell it how many hours the job will take, it instantly calculates that total for you.

And if you have materials involved it will even add the taxes on those materials based on the local tax rate that you set up.

This app even has a coupon feature where there are three different coupon templates to choose from, there you just fill in the boxes as to your coupon offer and you can easily email them to any of the customers in you jobs file located in the app.

So now more than ever you can get paid faster with a mobile invoicing app. Just get the Profit Pal App and see what you can do with it!

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Apps Help Service Businesses to Succeed

Apps Help Service Businesses to Succeed

Apps today help service businesses to succeed. By automating much of your tedious work you can really make a difference. If you’re in any kind of service business today you should consider using an app, with it you can really get the same advantages that larger businesses have.

You just need to automate the way you’re doing business, it’s really that simple. And this is where a good app comes in. An app can really improve the way you’re doing things. A good app has well thought out boxes where you input the required information.

Apps are keeping up with the complexities of businesses, they are constantly updated to include the needs of the business. But you can’t just pick any app! Because each app is designed differently to accommodate a particular way of doing business. Take for instance our app it’s called the Profit Pal App and it was designed for people who are in service businesses like Plumbers, Electricians, Landscapers, and many other service related businesses that need to create the job estimate and invoice the job to their customers.

Of course, this app has many other bonus features as well, but primarily it was designed to help you to manage your jobs from start to finish.

Nice Features to Have

Now since this particular app was designed with small businesses in mind, it will have the ability for you to display your company Logo, company address and other required info into the header at the top of the invoice that you’ll be sending to your customers.

The app should have a mapping feature that allows you to track your mileage to and from jobs, ours does. The proper app should allow you to send job reports to whoever needs to have them such as a boss, accountant.

You’ll want the app to have a jobs file feature That’s where you can find previously created jobs easily,  just in case you need that info for any reason in the future.

In another example; If you’re in a business that requires you to carry parts on your service vehicle, then you’ll need a way to keep track of those parts, as well as a way to know your parts count so that you’ll know when to replenish the part counts. Our app has just that feature built into it!

There really are many things to consider when choosing an app for your business! One thing is for certain, you can be assured that we here at Profit Pal have looked into these issues, and much more when creating our app, we hope you’ll choose ours, but if you should choose another we sincerely hope that you find one that has taken all of these things into account.

All the Best

The Profit Pal App Team

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Billing Apps

Billing Apps

Billing apps are a better way to bill your customers. When you get into any kind of business you’re going to need a way to bill your customers.

They say “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” And there’s a good reason for that.

It’s usually some form of problem that results in a solution for that particular situation.

When Thomas Edison invented the Light Bulb, a large part of the reason aside from we need light to see things, was the fact that kerosene Lanterns were dangerous as many fires resulted from their use.

So this necessitated a better way to create light.

Men have always since the dawn of time been creative. From the first primitive tools to the modern day marvels that we see today.

Billing apps are no different, they take a few problems and solve them.

  1. No need for pens or paper
  2. They can be sent the electronically, saving time
  3. Locality is no longer an issue since you don’t need to be with the client for them to get their bill

I could go on and on but you get the idea. I mean we aren’t still riding around on horses are we?

The time came for the whole process of billing to go electronic and that’s exactly what happened.

As much as some of us would like to stay in the past, that’s just not possible today we must move on.

There are just too many advantages to Billing Apps that they are now here to stay.

So if this article has peaked your interest, then you might want to get of to one of the App Stores and see them for yourself.

Thanks for reading

The Profit Pal Team

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Free Trials

Free Trials are a great Way to Experience a New App

Free? is this a way t get started? How many times have you seen “Free Trials” in an ad for an App?  They lure you in to sign up for the Free Trial. Only to find out that they are withholding the best features in the app.

So you sign up for the free trial, only to find out that you’ve got a limited version of the app, that doesn’t have the features you need to conduct your business.  These free trials are very tricky as far as usability.

Don’t be Fooled

They’re trying to get you hooked, to where you’ll need their app before the real price for the app is revealed. You’ll have to pay a lot more because they have different levels and not only that, but they’ll charge you on a monthly basis as well to use all the features. Since all of those apps require a monthly subscriptions at different levels to use their apps.

By the time they have you hooked, you’ll be spending a lot of money if you want to use all of the features in their app. This can become confusing and stressful especially when you’re trying to do business.

No Gimicks

With our app, there are no such gimmicks. Although you can have a 7 Day Free Trial, you’ll get all of the same features as if you had purchased the app long term.  When you get the app on your Smartphone or tablet you’ll have the best and least expensive Invoicing App available.

With our app The Profit Pal App you’ll be able to create job files, estimates, and send as many invoices as you like to all your clients any time you want. Since the app is full of features for you to use.

So don’t fall for the Free Trials Gimicks, get an app that you can count on and use for free for 7 Days or for as long as you like for a small price, without the gimmick’s or tricks.

The Profit Pal App Team

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So What are Good Apps Anyway?

Good Apps

So What is Considered Good Apps Anyway?

Good apps are best when doing any kind of business? They are ones that can deliver what your business needs. This article was written to give you the basics of what to look for in good apps. So you’ll know why we need good apps in the first place?

Apps are just computer code that will work on a Smartphone or on Tablet. Since the advent of Smart Devices, it was necessary that code writers get busy writing programs for these devices.

And what has happened has really been amazing as there are more apps being created every day for just about anything imaginable. Whether you just want to play games or you want something more useful for whatever business you happen to be in.

By now most people are aware of Navigation apps, such as Google Navigation, or Waze Traffic App, there really are so many others, but those are probably the two most popular navigation apps. If you’ve used either of them, then you know how useful they are.

If you can think of a need there’s probably an app out there to fit that need. Good Apps can do many different things differentiated only by the designer and the requirements.

One like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App was designed for Tradesmen and Women to estimate jobs and invoice their clients. One thing about this app is that they will usually give you a lot of value for your money. These also have many different features built into them.

Now you may be thinking how does all of this get paid for since no one works for free, and it can’t be cheap to have these made. Well, you are correct in your assumption. What happens is you either pay a one-time price in which case you pay you download it to your device and you can use it forever; however, there is a cost to the app provider since they need

The other way is they let you download it for free, I wouldn’t recommend one of these because they place ads in the app that come up at random and you have to look at them for a few seconds. I don’t know about you but if I am using a serious business app I don’t want to be interrupted with those ads. So I would pay the price to download one on my Smart Device.

A good one is any that can help your business to succeed. So hope this article was helpful and that you now have a better understanding of what apps are all about.

The Profit Pal Team

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The Secret to Their Success

The Secret to Their Success

Who hasn’t wondered about that man or woman that we see living the life we wish we had? I know I have! Well, why do you think we wish we were that person? Could it be that they know something we don’t and that’s the secret to their success?

Surely they must know something that makes them behave differently. The truth is they do know something, and it’s probably not what you’re thinking. What they have been able to do is to find a different way to do things and go about life than what regular people do. You see its no secret that the results that we get in life are directly a result of the way we’re doing things. It’s really that simple. If you want different results then you need to change the way you’re doing things.

The old saying goes’ if your digging a whole and can’t see the top, then stop digging. Does that make any sense to you? Now, why did I say all of that?

I’ll tell you why so many people today continue to drown in their businesses because they aren’t willing to try something new. They simply refuse, telling themselves that the new system or gadget is just a rip off of their money. Even when the cost may be so small that it wouldn’t hurt them in the least.

The truth is there aren’t lazy, they just and can’t seem to get over their fear to try something new that’s all. Even though that new thing or way of doing things, is probably exactly what they should be doing. It would get them out of their rut. Whenever you learn to do something new it hurts a little at first because you are training your brain in a new task. But that’s a good thing, and the more you do it the easier it is. With time it becomes routine.

And so it is with using our app the Profit Pal App sure the first time it will seem a little challenging, but rest assured it was designed with you in mind so it won’t be impossible. You’ll get the hang of it and soon be using it to send invoices, reports, and even sending coupons to your customers to stay in touch with them.

So don’t despair when wouldn’t now be a good time to use the Profit Pal App for Invoicing your clients. You’ll be that person that people look up to as being competent in business since you didn’t shy away from a small challenge and you learned what it took to succeed.

The Profit Pal Team

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Use Your Customer Base


The Customer is King

Your customer is the most important part of your business. They definately should not be taken lightly. A great way to Increase Business is to stay in contact with your Customer Base, on at least a monthly basis. One of the things that annoy me is when I want to get in touch with a Service Tech that I used in the past, and I realize they have not even attempted to stay in touch with me. That’s like saying “I don’t need your business.” It’s just sad, and no way to run a legit business. Customers want to feel that you want their business.

Send Something of Value

If you’re not sending them something once in a while you will most likely lose that customer to someone that will take better care of them. There’s really no excuse for this when there are so many ways for you to stay relevant to them. You could send them a flyer or a letter, but today there’s actually a better way. Send them a coupon for discounts on future work, they will be happy to receive it and will know that you’re still in business. So you kill two birds with one stone.

Using an App

With an app like the Profit Pal App when you do work for your client you can capture their email addresse when you send them their Invoice. That email gets saved in the Job File for that particular job. Now it’s easy to stay in touch with them. Using the Coupon Feature you simply send them a coupon from time to time right from the app. There are three templates to choose from. You just create an offer let’s say 10% off for returning customers, send it to them via email right from your Smartphone.

Easier Than You May Think

It’s so easy, and now the customers know that you’re still in business and that you’re interested in their business and appreciate them. So don’t hesitate use this feature in the app and stop ignoring your previous customers and use them as a way to increase your business.

The Profit Pal Team

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How to get the Right App for My Business

Mobile Apps
Apps for businesses

How to get the right app for my business is something that’s on the minds of many businesses out there today.

The reason for this is that there are so many apps out there. There are an estimated 2.2 million apps available for Apple iPhones and an estimated 2.8 million apps for Android phones.

So you can begin to see why it’s so difficult to find the app that’s best for your business.

Not to mention that since these apps are created by computer geeks who live and breathe computer-speak, so many really can’t even relate to regular guys who just want something that’s easy to use and gets the job done.

That’s a big problem, what normally ends up happening is that individual business owners can end up downloading an app that is complicated, difficult to use and that has many bells and whistles that the user really does not need.

This has been the experience of many of you know because I too ran into this issue.

So I could get the right app for my business, I had to get around this. So what I did was to get ahold of an app developer, and I laid out the design concept of how I wanted the app to look and work for the average guy.

 The app that we created is the Profit Pal App it’s an app designed for people that work in the trades, those Plumbers, Electricians and many others that work out in the field to service customers.

The app allows them to make a job file of whatever work they are doing. It allows them to easily send their customers an invoice directly from their smartphone, simple and fast.

The right app will simplify your workday and keep you and your customers informed as to what was done on the job and even has an inventory feature.

This an easy to use and has all you really need without all of the complicated stuff you don’t need.

The Profit Pal App Team

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Why an Invoice Software App

Invoice software app is computer software that is in an app form, which can run on Smartphones and Tablets. This software allows you to invoice client’s right from your phone.  This is important in this fast-paced world in which people like to get their receipts in an electronic form. This frees you up in that you can send the invoice from where ever you happened to be.

With an Invoice Software App on your Smartphone life becomes much easier.  These apps can even help you when estimating the job because they have boxes that prompt you to enter all of the relevant information that needs to go into figuring the actual cost for doing the job.

The Profit Pal App even has boxes to account for things like fuel cost and travel to the new job location.  It helps you stay on top of your cost, so you don’t lose money when doing jobs. Used correctly this app can help you to be more profitable. The app does this by saving the job information to a job file. The information in this job file can be sent to yourself or anyone else that needs access to the job information.

This is so much more convenient than the traditional paper invoice. No longer do you need a paper invoice tablet since the information resides in your app and you can instantly email it out to clients and even to your boss if you have one.

There are just so many advantages to having an Invoice Software App that it’s hard to understand how anyone in business today would want to do it any other way.  This is the way of the future.  Sometimes people are reluctant to adopt the new ways of doing things, but this shouldn’t be one of those times as you would be doing yourself a disservice.

It really doesn’t take long to learn to use such an app they really are user-friendly.  Why not download the app today use it and see just what you been missing.

The Profit Pal Team

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Online Invoice

Mobile Invoicing Apps

Why it’s Important to Online Invoice Your Clients

Online invoice is the way to go nowadays. It’s so much more convenient. In this day and age of everything fast paced it’s important for you to keep up with the new ways of doing business. To invoice online is one of the newest ways to conduct business. If you want your business to appear to be up to date then it’s important for you.

Today anyone who goes out and performs a service to clients should have a way to invoice them. With all of the new tools at your disposal, it’s easier than ever. All you will need is a Smartphone and an app installed on it that lets you send emails. If you have your email account setup on your Smartphone then you can send the invoice to your client’s email address.

This is a plus in more than one way. This allows you to create an email list of all of the clients that you do work for. That can be very helpful to your business endeavors. For one thing, once you have their email address you can stay in contact with them for future business.

Can you begin to see why having this capability on your Smartphone is such a good idea?The Profit Pal Mobile Billing & Invoicing App has just that capability. As you create a job file and make the invoice you ask your client “where can I send this invoice to.” And now you are automatically collecting those email addresses.With their email addresses and the app, you can even send them a coupon from time to time just stay in touch and let them know that you’re still in business. It’s a great way to get return business.

If you’re serious about doing business I suggest you get an app like the Profit Pal App and set it up for your business.

The Profit Pal Team

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Vinnie a Plumber’s Story

Vinnie’s Story

Don’t know where your Parts are going? Read about Vinnie and his Plumbing Company

Vinnie owns a plumbing company that runs 10 plumbing trucks. Vinnie was constantly complaining that the crews that work for him could not account for all of the parts they were supposed to be putting into the jobs. They couldn’t tell him what parts went into which jobs. He said he needed a way to know where all of his parts were actually going.

We decided to create a solution for Vinnie and his Plumbing Company. What we came up with is simply magical, if you know what I mean. Because not only does this application show what parts went into which job, that’s just the beginning. We call this feature in the Profit Pal Application the Inventory Control Feature. With this feature the plumbing technician on each truck creates his very own inventory. He or she just enters the names of the parts and the part starting count. Now as he adds one or one hundred parts to the job the app is tracking them. The application adds the parts to the invoice for that job’s file, and automatically subtracts them from the totals. Now each week the Lead Plumber, on each of the trucks just emails his job reports to Vinnie, and Vinnie can re-order however many parts are needed to resupply the trucks.

No longer is Vinnie frustrated by not knowing where his parts went. He’s got actual data to go by.

So Vinnie’s a happy man.

We know it’s a source of frustration told by many tradesmen and woman. That’s why we put this Inventory Control Feature in the application. We know just how frustrating it can be keeping track of where all of your expensive parts are going.

So we came up with a solution. This is just the kind of help you’ve been waiting for! The Inventory Control Feature in the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing Application. Especially since another one of the most annoying situations, that just about every business comes across, at one time or another, are part shortages.

This can be very troublesome, as most likely the worker/ technician will have to stop working, and go for parts. And that’s a major time eater.

And as if that’s not bad enough, if you don’t have an Inventory Control system, then you most likely don’t have a way to track what parts went into which job either! Follow along…

This one can actually be dangerous to your business.

In this example, suppose the technician working for you, says that he put a new part at that last location, and the job fails.  And you come to find out that the new part you thought went into that job, actually went to another job. That situation could become a big problem for your business, and rather embarrassing as well. Especially when you’re confronted with an irate client.

Well guess what these problems can actually be avoided. That is if you have an application like the Profit Pal Mobile invoicing Application. This application now has an Inventory Control Feature built in it. This feature allows you to create your very own Inventory Control Form, where you’ll list all of the parts on your truck, and there cost.  And as you create the job file, and assign a part to a job, the application immediately add it to the invoice for that job, and automatically update, the cost for that part or multiple parts, and the inventory for that part is automatically updated, and also accounted for on the bill.

The application’s feature can track your inventory count, quantity’s used, and remaining parts in your bin, so you don’t have to worry, and you know where you stand on parts each and every day.

It just doesn’t get any better than this! Now with this new Inventory Control Feature, we’ve thought of everything for you, and made it easy to use.  So no more excuses! Get this application on your Smartphone or Tablet, you and your business will be covered in so many different ways. Vinnie is now a happy man and you can be too.

So don’t waist another minute, you know you need it, and since “time is money.” As they say!

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Mobile Apps for Business

Business appsBusiness apps

Business Apps go Mobile

Mobile Apps For Business are all the Rage!

So what are Mobile Business apps for business? Let’s examine this. What we’re talking about here is any app that lets you conduct business right from your smartphone or tablet.

There really are many of these out there now days. If you’re in business today you’re no longer bound to a traditional office environment. That’s really what Mobile Apps are all about, especially where business is concerned.

You no doubt you have noticed people in in cars doing things on their smartphones, they are conducting business from the comfort of their vehicles. This has become the new way of doing business.

No longer is it necessary to go into an office to write proposals, and send them to clients. It’s easier to just park your vehicle, and do the work right there where ever you find yourself.

Mobile Apps for Business are so much more convenient. Now Trades people have the same advantage as well. With an app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App trades men and woman can easily estimate jobs and send then via email directly to their customers.

Since we all have the same 24 hours in a day this allows you to be much more productive and effective, and just get more done in a day.

If you’re in any kind of business, I am sure there’s an app out there for you as well. Our app is just one of them that was designed for people in the Trades.

We understood that the larger companies could afford to have proprietary apps for their people, but what about the smaller companies? We knew that the cost could be prohibitive for them.

So we designed the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App to allow smaller businesses to have the same advantages as the larger companies.

In this app you’ll find just about everything you’ll need to conduct your business. And for such a small investment. Something you’ll use over and over again.

Freeing you up. And we loaded it with features to actually help you to increase your earning power.

So don’t delay get started today and see how this app can help you!

The Profit Pal Team

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Mobile Invoicing Today


Mobile Invoicing The Better way to Invoice your Clients

Invoicing is easy with an app today. With all of the technical advancements today. Anyone in business really should take advantage of the new methods.

One such advancement is the ability to invoice client’s right from a Smartphone. No longer do you need a P.C. to create and send invoices.

The old fashion way just makes you look antiquated. Almost every business today has adapted to some form of electronic invoicing method.

AS you use the new methods which are just so much more convenient, allowing you the freedom to create and send invoices from anywhere and any time of day.

That’s a big deal, since you may not be with the client when they call you, and ask for their invoice.

Since you’re smart and have downloaded the app on your smartphone, you can easily with just a couple of clicks, send it right to their email on their smartphone.

And show me someone who doesn’t have a smartphone today!

Many people who don’t own a car, will have a smartphone. They are just that ubiquitous.

When you mobile invoice your clients you are saying ‘me and my business are with the times.’

If they still need a paper one you can have a mobile printer right there in your truck. That way you covered either way.

So a word to the wise get an invoicing app today. It’s the smart thing to do. AS you give in to the new ways it’ll get easier to do business. So don’t fight it, you’ll adapt sooner or later, and you know that’s true.

That’s why I wrote this article to help you to cut to the chase, and get with the times now my friend.

You want your business to look as professional as possible, especially because don’t forget you have competition out there, and the competition doesn’t sleep.

They’re looking for ways to beat you out of that last job you just estimated. And if they appear to be more professional than you are. Well then it’s highly likely that your clients will go over to them instead you don’t let that happen. So let’s the work done. It’s as simple as that.

On this page there are two links Google Play for Android phone, and iTunes App Store for iPhone.

Just click on which ever link applies to your device and get started. 

The Profit Pal Team

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Invoice Generator

Why you should be using an Invoice Generator

An Invoice Generator is an important tool to use in business today! Every business out there should have an invoice generator to generate invoices at some point in time. Many businesses send out hundreds of invoices a day.

That being the case it’s important to have the ability to invoice your clients effectively. Today that’s easier than ever to accomplish. By downloading an invoicing app on your Smartphone. Its much better than using the old fashion paper invoicing method.

The reason that it’s better is because, if the client don’t want to carry paper around, then you don’t need to. With an invoicing app you just create and send it to them via email there from your phone. That way you have the choice to read it, and if the you want a paper copy all you do is send it to a printer.

It’s a much more convenient that way to conduct business. I know that  it works for me. I probably haven’t even printed out many paper invoices and I have received many in the last year. I just like to read them at my leisure and if the’re correct then that’s good enough for me. That way I don’t need to save all of that paper.

These days we just don’t want to store excess paper unless it’s absolutely necessary. That’s why it’s good to have an invoice generator to send the bill to your clients. They will appreciate you more for considering these things beforehand. People now days want to work with businesses that know how to use the technological thats available.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Imagine yourself needing a surgery for some illness, and going to a hospital that was using equipment from the 1920’s. Not a comfortable feeling is it? Especially when you know that there’s so much good new technology to help people now days that wasn’t around back then. You would want the doctor to use the best equipment available today right?

You should really look at it from your clients perspective, don’t you think they want a Tradesman who uses the latest tools. That says a lot about you and your business. It says to them that you’re a competent Tradesman who knows how to conduct business in these modern times.

And isn’t that’s the positive impression you want to give them. So get yourself an Invoice Generator and please your clients. We recomend the Profit Pal App.

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Unlimited Invoices

Unlimited Invoices
You can actually create unlimited invoices with an invoicing app.
What most people don’t know, is that if you have an invoicing app downloaded to your Smartphone, you can create as many invoices as you need.

Of course what we’re talking about here are electronic invoices. But why would you want to use any other way now days!
When you can send and receive invoices via email why would you want to do business any other way?

Today more than ever people are turning to mobile invoicing as a way to do business.
It just so much more convenient than the old ways of paper invoicing. It’s easy, you just create the job file in the app, and that data goes into the invoice, and there you have it! an electronic invoice to send to your clients.

What a day we live in, technology has really come to the rescue!
It’s much easier to do business today if your using the tools that are available. There are just so many advantages to using an app for your business pursuit’s, that if you’re not taking advantage of them, then you’re falling behind.

An app like the Profit Pal Mobile invoicing App can create invoices, estimate jobs, and do a lot more.
Why wouldn’t you take advantage of all of the benefits you can have for your business with the app.
When you consider the small one time price for the app, compared to all of the invoices you’ll be able to send to clients, it just doesn’t make sense to go any other way.

Today is your day to catch up, and give your business all of the advantages in this app to ensure you’re staying at the top of your game. Once you have an app like the Profit Pal App on your smartphone you’ll learn to maximize your estimates and invoice clients with an eye towards increased profits.

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Invoicing Apps for Gardeners


Invoicing Apps for Gardeners

Gardeners do a great service for homeowners. Gardeners help owners keep and maintain their property, this helps to keep their home values up.

There’s nothing worse for a neighborhood than to see homes with unsightly, and overgrown yards. It really makes the neighborhood look bad, and can even lower home values.

Especially when one considers the price of a home nowadays. Today it’s more important than ever to maintain your property.

For these reasons, gardeners have become in high demand. Every day someone is asking a friend if they know of a reliable gardener to take care of their yard.

If you happen to be a gardener, then just know that your services are in sorely needed by the many homeowners out there.

Invoicing apps for gardeners can be a big help to you as well. Invoicing apps today can be used by almost every business out there, and Gardeners are no exception.

What’s important for you as a gardener, is to know that you need to be as efficient as you can to maximize your earnings.

Luckily now days almost everyone has a Smartphone. And with a Smartphone, you can actually become more efficient, and keep your customers happy at the same time.

You know that many homeowners will ask you for a receipt at billing time. And even at other times during the month when you may do a trimming, or clean up job for them.

Luckily today you can create an estimate for them, and invoice them right from your Smartphone.

It’s really simple with an app downloaded to your phone. An app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App Android.

This app has many features to help you with your gardening business. Not only can you estimate, and invoice on it, but you can even send an occasional coupon to your customers, and all right there from your phone.

Don’t think that your business is too low tech to take advantage of a Smartphone App, that’s just not the case.

With this app on your phone, your customers will be impressed when you email them their invoice. They will be happy with you for doing that. And will most likely recommend you to their friends.

So don’t hesitate to get the app today it was made for you too.

The Profit Pal Team


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Small Business Invoicing

Small business has some of the same requirements as the bigger companies. Things like accounting software, job tracking, and even inventory control.

We Listened to a Plumber

I once asked a Plumbing Contractor if he had an APP to do business with, what would be something he would want in such an app.

He replied that what he needed was a way to track the parts that his employees were putting into the jobs.

We took that information and got busy, and we created that feature into the Profit Pal App. It’s called the Materials List.

How it Works

The way this works is, the user of the app creates his own list of materials be they whatever parts you may carry on your work vehicle. It doesn’t matter what that is because you name them. You assign pricing to them and you set the quantity counts.

Once you’ve done this, each time you put one or more of these items that you put on the list, the app will put them on the invoice and subtract them from the list counts.

To Sum it Up

So we listened to our small business customers and created this great feature. Try the app today and see just how easy it is for you to conduct your business on our app.

The Profit Pal App Team

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Customers by using Coupons


How to stay in Touch with Customers

It’s important to stay in touch with customers who have used your services in the past. Obviously there are many reasons for that. But what’s probably the upmost on your list is that you don’t lose that customer to another business in your same field. If that happens then you aren’t doing your best to keep the business. Since once you have performed a service for a customer it should be much easier for you to get their loyalty and repeat business. Studies have shown this to be true. So what are you doing today to stay in touch with them?

Have you ever noticed how when you go to any presentation of seminar they always want you email address? I know I have seen that many times. Do you know the reason for this? It’s so they can stay in touch with you. Because they know that since you have already taken action by coming to their event, it should be easier to get you to buy something from them in the future .

There are actually many different ways to do this, you could send them a sales letter or post card. That works well; however, this is usually more expensive. Another way is to call them directly, and that is very time consuming, and who’s got that much time to use for that purpose when you’re busy working jobs!

The Solution!

The solution to your dilemma is to send them something they’ll find useful. This is a subtle way to stay in touch with them, and at the same time be marketing your services to them. What I am taking about are coupons. Why not just send them a coupon? Coupons are a great way to stay in touch, and also drum up new business at the same time. Your customer will be glad to get them, and most likely save them for future work. This keeps you on their mind for when they need your services again.

So don’t take coupons for granted, they really are a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them from going to your competition.

And the good news is that you can do this right from your phone. All you will need is to download the app that can do this for you. Now let me introduce you to the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. This app is all you will to send out coupons to your customers and it will allow you to do a whole lot more! The app is easy to use and you will find it to be indispensable to you.

So don’t delay get the app it’s available at Google Play and at Apple iTunes stores.

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Definition of an Invoice

What actually is the Definition of an Invoice 

An Invoice is an accounting of what the transaction was about. So let’s look into it, what’s the definition of an invoice anyway? Well, this according to  Webster’s Dictionary Online an invoice is an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped, or services rendered. A written account of the particulars of merchandise shipped or sent to a purchaser, consignee, factor, etc., with the value or prices and charges annexed.

The lot or set of goods as shipped or received; as the merchant receives a large invoice of the goods.

One area on the invoice should include, who t send a bill to; “She invoiced the company for her expenses.” To make a written list or account of, as goods to be sent to a consignee; to insert in a priced list; to write or enter in an invoice. The base verb from the following inflections: invoicing, invoiced, invoices, invoicer,  and invoiced.

The word can be used as a Noun: as in “the invoice is ready.” Or it can be used as a Verb: as in, are you invoicing the customer?

Today; however, with the advent of computers, it’s possible to send them directley to customers via email.

In the past, much of this was done on paper. Today that’s no longer the case.

Why use snail mail when It’s much easier to use your Smartphone  All you’ll need is an app on your phone that allows you to send it to customer’s right from your phone.

So how is this accomplished? When you create the job file, that data is saved and when your ready to send an invoice that information is brought over and builds the invoice that you’re sending to your customer. Then the app just uses the email account that you have set up on your phone, so it will show up as coming from you.

Most of us today receive our invoices right on our phones anyway, gone are the days when we needed to go to our home computers to receive our emails.

We recommend to people that you use an app to invoice since this creates a record for you, as well as a copy for your customer.

Please consider using the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App as it does all of the above.


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How to Make Coupons

How to Make Coupons 

nCoupon report

Example of one of the coupons you can make and send to clients

Making your coupons is easier than you may think. You just need an app that comes with that feature. The Profit Pal App is that app. With this app, you simply enter information into the coupon template and hit save, and the coupon is created. Then you simply email it to your customers for repeat business, it’s really that easy.

Some thoughts that should go into creating your first coupon. Why are you sending the coupon in the first place? What kind of work are you currently offering etcetera?

Coupons are a great way to reward previous customers for their loyalty to your business. That’s one reason!

But there’s another reason as well which many businesses overlook, and people fail to understand about coupons. Coupons make great marketing tools. Let me explain, if you’re in any type of business one of your main concerns is getting more business. And there’s no better way to get more than to stay in touch with your previous customers.

Since it’s important to have a viable business that you continue to get customers. Now those customers can be new customers or returning customers. Which type of customer do you think is easier to get, new ones, or customers who already know and feel comfortable with you?

All of the data say’s that returning customer business is easier to get. And if you look at your own shopping patterns you’ll see that you go time and again to the same stores that you like and have done business with in the past. So you can see that it’s easier to get business from customers you have already serviced in the past.

Now, this is where sending coupons come in. You don’t want to appear desperate for the business so you probably don’t want to Cold Call customers, to ask for the business although that may work at times.

It’s much easier to send an email a coupon. Now they can remember you, and appreciated that you’re sending them something useful. And who doesn’t like to save money?

So by sending them a coupon you have accomplished two things.

1. You’ve renewed contact with an existing customer (which remember the data says it’s easier to get business from)

2.  You’ve sent them a reward for doing business with you in the past

Can you see how sending customer coupons can really boost your businesses numbers?

So let’s get started sending coupons to your customers today!

Now all that’s left is to get an app that can do all of this. And that brings us to the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App with this app on your Smartphone you can do everything you just read in this article.