Creating Mobile Coupons

Creating Mobile Coupons  Mobile Coupons are easy to create just by using the Coupon Feature in the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. You’ll use one of the provided Templates to create your very own coupons like those above, to send to your customers. You’ll love! this is a new feature in the app! Now you can […]

Reinventing Invoicing

Reinventing Invoicing Is Your Business Reinventing Itself When you reinvent something you look at something from a different “perspective” It’s important for businesses to reinvent themselves every now and then, so they don’t get stagnant! Reinventing Invoicing and your Mobile Business If you’re reinventing something you’ll need to think of what you’re doing in a […]

Mobile Invoice Maker

Mobile Invoicing App A Mobile Invoice Maker can really help your business, and even simplify your life Why you need a Mobile Invoice Maker There are actually many reasons but I can list a few here. A Mobile Invoice Maker does just what the name implies. It allows you to make your invoices while you are mobile […]

Mobile Invoicing App for Android

Mobile Invoicing App for Android easy invoicing app for your phone! Ok, so you need a mobile invoicing app for your Android phone. But what app do you choose? Well, that depends, on what you want the app to actually do. There are hundreds of apps out there that can work on your phone. But […]

Instant Invoicing

Instant Invoicing Can you remember a time before cell phones? First came the Pager most men carried it on their belt. The thing would beep when someone wanted to get a hold of you. A phone number would show up on the screen and you would call back to who’s number showed up. We ‘re […]

Customer Invoicing and Apps

Customer Invoicing and Apps As the old saying goes “the customer is always right!” Today more than ever invoicing is accomplished using apps. And there are good reasons for this. Did you know that with an app on your Smart Phone or Tablet you can easily enter the location of the job using the Map […]

Avoid Disaster When Estimating Jobs

How to Avoid Disasters when Estimating Jobs To avoid disasters when estimating jobs as they can prove to be disastrous to your business if you don’t follow a template. Stories abound of businesses that have failed. You probably know of the figure that 9 out of 10 businesses fail. There are of course many reasons […]

Invoicing Mobile App

  Invoicing Mobile Invoicing mobile is one of the best ways to Invoice your clients. There are many advantages to invoicing mobile. One of the main advantages is that you don’t need to be standing next to your client to Invoice him or her. You can Invoice them from the comfort of your home or […]

Free Trial

When they say “Free Trial” How many times have you seen this statement in advertising. This is a very popular way to get people to sign up for something. Since people just can’t seem to resist getting something for free. I consider these adds to be nothing more than a way to entice people to […]

Calculate Business Expenses

Calculate Your Business Expenses with the New Profit Pal Invoicing App Today all the big companies out there like, Time Warner, Cox Communications, Direct TV, etcetera have apps for their people. Don’t you think it’s time you got one too? Soon every small business person will be using an app like Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing […]

What’s a Universal App?

So What’s a Universal App? A Universal App just means an app that can be used universally or for many different purposes. In this case, an app that can be used by many different disciplines. When it comes to estimating and accounting for the numbers in a job, you find they actually have many areas […]

Construction Apps For Professionals

Construction Apps for Professionals Construction apps are so important for professional’s, it’s especially important for you to have the latest tools of the trade. Just as no professional construction person would go to work without his measuring tape or hammer. In today’s business world it’s important to have the business tools of the trades. If […]