Miscellaneous Cost


Adding Miscellaneous cost in the App

Miscellaneous cost can be an important part of how you get compensated. The Profit Pal App has what’s called a miscellaneous box. This is the place where you can account for your miscellaneous cost. Things like your cell phone bill, hey maybe even your lunch! It was put there so you could account for miscellaneous things. Think of it as your miscellaneous box. We purposely created the box for items that don’t necessarily fit into the other areas.

An example might be hauling trash away for the customer, you need to get reimbursed for that. But most small business people don’t even account for this kind of expense, or they don’t know where to put it. When you add a couple of bucks in this box each job you do, you’ll have accounted for that expense. Are you getting the idea?

You can use your imagination and begin to see how this app will really be a bog help you. By you entering a dollar amount in the in the box you’ll be getting reimbursed for those extra expenses. This is the true beauty of this app. And Just one more reason you should get the app today! Don’t put it off you know you need it. And every day you wait is a day that you’re not being compensated correctly.

And if I am even half right, you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth and be excited and you’ll be glad you did. Especially when you see how the app can help you in so many different ways? There are many features and benefits to getting the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App.

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