How to Program a Keyless Remote

Keyless Remote Programming

These are the steps to programming your Keyless Remote on a 1993 thru 1996 Chevy Corvette

Step one, move your current Keyless Remotes out of range of the vehicle

Step two, get inside the vehicle and put the key into the ignition and turn it to the On position

Step three, now push the TRIP/ODD button 2 times on the Driver Information Center

Step four, now within five seconds push and hold the Fuel Info button on the Driver Information Center the PKE Light comes on and stays on

Step five, turn the ignition to the Off position while leaving the key in the ignition switch, the PKE Light will begin flashing

Step six, bring one of the keyless remotes you wish to program into the range of the vehicle, the PKE light will stop flashing and will stay on this shows that the Keyless Remote has been programmed. Now move that Keyless Remote out of range and the PKE Light will begin flashing once again this indicates that you can now program another Keyless Remote to do that just bring the next one into range and when the light stops flashing that one is programmed.

Step seven, when done programming the Keyless Remotes just remove the key from the ignition and the programming mode will turn off

The programming mode turns off

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