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Invoicing Clients with an App

It’s important to have an app for invoicing clients on your smartphone. You really should have an invoicing app on your phone, because when you do, you can invoice a client no matter where you are.

That’s the beauty of having an invoicing app. In this way, an app can really free you up. Let me give you a scenario. Let’s say that you’re on your way to your family’s annual vacation, got the car all loaded up, families in the car and you’re on the road. And all of a sudden you get a call from a client asking you for a copy of their invoice for a job you did for them. This is not just any client but one that gives you great jobs that make you a lot of money. He’s probably paying for that vacation you’re going on. Now if you’re still using paper invoices there wouldn’t be anything you could do at that point to help your client.

Now let’s look at it with you having an invoicing app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App on your smartphone. In this case, you open the app go to the Invoice tab, that opens the job file, hit the +, select the job you did for that client by taping on the Radio button on the right of the screen this puts a check mark on that file. You hit the Calculate button at the top of your screen, the app brings that job over to the Invoice Template where you already have all of your company’s information. Then at the top of your phone open a tab that has the choices you hit Send file, you select Email, or Messaging, if you select Email it immediately puts that invoice in an email, and since you already had the clients email address in from before, it’s ready to go you simply hit send.

That’s if you have the app on your phone, if not, you’ll most like have to tell your client they will need to wait until you get back from your vacation. Not exactly the best way to treat your clients is it?

So don’t fight the trend, get the Profit Pal App today believe me when I say you’ll be happy with it…


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