Paul the Plumber's Story

Paul had a problem making a profit after all of his cost of doing business.

This became a great source of frustration for Paul. He was almost ready to throw in the towel, and go out of business.

He felt it was easier to just work for someone else, especially  since he wasn’t making profit the way things were going.

Paul say’s the problem was that he never knew  what his cost for doing a job actually was. Most of the time he was just guessing at the numbers.

What he needed was a way to be sure. Then one day he was doing a little web surfing, and he ran across an app that was called the Profit Pal App.

It sparked something in him so he decided to take a look. He began to read the information on the website that said “a new way to calculate your business expenses.”

His interest peaked. As he read about how this app could be used to create better job estimates, and even account for his fuel cost. Well that was one item he hadn’t even considered when estimating jobs. And here was an app that could do all this for him.  He felt that if it could do that, then how much more  could this app actually do. He decided to take a chance and download the app to his smartphone.

Paul told the  us that since he started using the Profit Pal App his estimates are right on the money, and his profits are finally on the rise.

Paul thanks us for creating the app, and says he most likely would have still been losing money had he not stumbled on the Profit Pal App.

Maybe you feel a little like Paul, maybe your profits aren’t where you’d like them to be. My suggestion is to try out this app, it’s inexpensive,  and what if it actually does what it says? You won’t know if don’t try, so why don’t you at least give it a try.

The Profit Pal Team



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Customer Reviews

Profit Pal

By, Ron's Plumbing

I use Profit Pal for my small plumbing business and it has been great! It has positively transformed my invoicing and bookkeeping. Now, I can't imagine running my business without Profit Pal.


Rumble Jungle

Awesome App!!!! 3 thumbs up. Was so good I had to Borough one from a friend. Good job guys!Click Here! Your time is valuable


Chris Lachance

Great tool for estimating projects Love having this! I can make job estimates and quote on the spot now. Perfect tool to maximize potential income, and remain competitive.


User reviews



See what the Profit Pal App can do for you as well…

Using this app is easy and it was designed to help you with your business

You can make and send invoices to clients

The App has many well thoughtout features to help you track and improve your business earnings

The App helps you to account for all of your business cost

In the app you create your job estimates and invoice your clients and so much more

Your clients will be happy when they receive timely and accurate invoices by email

With this app you can even send coupons to your clients for additional business