Free Apps How They Get Paid


Fee Apps and How they get Paid

Free apps get paid-for by the advertising that’s in them. In case your wondering about all of the free apps out there. They are usually found in Google Play and Apple iTunes stores. Most of them are game apps. If you haven’t downloaded any of them yet, then you probably don’t know how they recoup the cost of developing those apps. It’s either through in-app advertising or through subscription services.

In the first place, they place annoying ads in the apps. The app maker gets paid when you click on and look at the ads. Sometimes these ads take you to different places on the net, places you don’t want to go!

The second way they monetize the apps is through subscription services. This is where you pay a monthly subscription fee to use the features in the app. They’ll give you get some basic functionality but if you want or need the rest of the features of the app, which of course you will need, then you have to pay extra.

Now let’s take a look at what happens when you buy the Profit Pal App. You pay a one-time price, and that’s it! You get to download the Profit Pal App to your Smart Phone or Tablet, and it’s yours to keep and use forever.

You never have to pay again, and you have on your phone or tablet the latest and most powerful app for small businesses everywhere.

So make the smart move, and download the Profit Pal App, you’ll be glad you did. Especially when you start seeing your numbers as they really are, and noticing areas where you can actually improve your numbers.

The Profit Pal Team

Find it at  Google Play Store, or  Apple iTunes App Store just follow the links below!

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