Receipt Apps for Business

Receipt Apps for Business

A Receipt app is a very good idea for business people. These apps are developed to show the evidence of sales record. When you employ an individual to manage your business, while you engage in other things, there is a need for you to install a receipt app in order to monitor your business. There will be times where the receipt may not exist in future. Receipt app can help to get through that situation.

There are apps that can help you scan receipts through smartphones, iPhones and tablets camera which will organize and group your expenses, then keep copies of expenses reports and future records. This means you can track your income and expenditures through the receipt apps

Here are some top receipt apps.


This app is one of the best expense report software for tracking your business receipts. You can use your mobile device to take the picture of your receipt, and the Expensify app will automatically bring out the charges that you can include with a particular expense report. Expensify can also track your mileage and travel time in case you will need to include it in your report. This app can also save your business transaction history.


Receiptmate comes with a new level of scanning by helping you save your receipts with Evernote instead of storing the pictures or pdf of receipts. Your transactions will be saved in an Evernote document which you can easily access at any time in your Evernote account. The app can also allow you to view your transactions through pdf or excel packages.

Receipts by waves

This is an android app which combines all spending paths of your business. Using this app you can add receipts from email confirmation, paper copies and online orders in one set of tool. The user would have confirmed the business details in the app before tracking anything.


Smartreceipts is also an android app for keeping receipts in an organized way. This app uses your activities to help track your expenditures and manage your budgets, forecasting sets of spending according to the time of the day. Smart receipts app can also report on global currencies, in case you travel out of your county. It allows users to input custom fields and get their receipts in CSV format for easy submission in a case of refund.

Just a short list of the available Smartreceipt apps

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