Save 40% on (your offer)…

Plumbers Coupon

Save 40% on (your coupon offer)…

What you are looking at is a feature in the Profit Pal App that allows you to create and send coupons to your business clients.

When you see a coupon Save 40% on whatever they are promoting it’s hard to resist, at least you want to see what the offer is all about.

That’s the power of coupons! You see it’s a very good way to get your clients attention to what you have to offer.

With this app the Profit Pal App you’ll have three different coupon templates to create your great looking coupon offers.

The app has the feature built in. You’ll be able to send them to any client that has given you their email address.

It’s very easy to do with the app. You’ll be able to send offers like in the title of this article, Save 40% on (your offer)… And you do it right from your Smartphone or Tablet, from wherever you happen to be at the time.

You can see that we have thought about things in this app to make your job so much easier to accomplish.

And when the price is so small for this app if you’re in any type of small business this app has something for you.

You really have no excuse not to get it. It is well thought out and when you use this Coupon Feature in the app you’ll be hard to resist.

It really can get you more jobs and thus more income for you. So don’t hesitate we don’t know how much longer we can keep the price so low!

The App is now available at the Play Store

The Profit Pal App Team,