Free Mobile Apps Download


Free Mobile apps Download

There are literally millions of apps in the app stores many of which are free.  You have a choice to download free apps, some of them actually are helpful, and I downloaded a calculator which I actually use quite a bit.

There are a few things to consider when downloading free apps. It’s good to consider that they do want to get paid for the app at some point. You may think that you can avoid that for some time and that’s great you get to use the app for free for some time. A free mobile app download; however, can be a risky thing, if you take into consideration that they will most likely load the app up with banner ads. Those are pesky little ads that show up on the screen to catch your attention and lead you off to some other area of the web.

The only way you can really avoid them is to purchase an app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App. Yes you will pay $4.99 for it but you will never be bothered by those pesky Banner Ads. The reason for this is that the Profit Pal Team felt that your business is just too important to you, so much so that you would not want to have those pesky ads interfering with you when you were entering your job information and creating your invoices.

Free mobile app downloads may seem harmless until you are doing a job and have half the invoice created and you accidentally hit that pesky banner ad and it takes you somewhere else. Now you are there trying to get back to what you were doing which was creating an invoice for your client.

Now you figure that you have lost the invoice, and will need to start all over, what a waste of time. This is exactly why the Profit Pal mobile Invoicing App team decided no ‘Banner’ ads would be in the app.

Some of these apps are even attempting to get you to sign monthly agreements. That’s great now you just got yourself into another monthly bill, when all you wanted to do was to create an invoice.

No monthly bills with the Profit Pal App just a onetime payment that’s it your done and you use the app as long and as many times as you like.

Soo just be careful with a free mobile app download. You probably better off just paying for the darn-gone thing.

The Profit Pal App Team

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How to Use the Map Pins in the Profit Pal App


How To Use The Map Pins

If you have gotten familiar with the Profit Pal App by now you will have noticed these funny looking rectangular boxes with a what looks like a pinpointing downward in them. Those are the Map Pins, and they are used by the app to calculate distance. They are an interesting and very useful feature of the app.

How they work is the uppermost pin is for your job location. So you tap on the pin it opens the map, and you move the map until you see the general location of the new job. You don’t need to be exact just close enough.  A Red Star will come up at that location marking it. Next, you hit done left-hand top of the screen. The location map pin is set. Next, you tap the map pin identified as Current Location. Each time you tap the map pin it will show your current location. So leave that one as is, since its snowing where you are currently located. That’s it the app now has both your new job location and your current location.  The app will use both to calculate the distance from your current location to the new job location.

Can you begin to see how the Profit Pal App was designed to help you get paid more for your travel expenses to and from your jobs? This is why the Map Pins were put into the app.To help you to account for this expense. Now when you enter some of the other items such as Price of Fuel, and if you chose to also add the Mileage Expense, the app will use the calculated distance from the Map Pins to calculate the expense.

Profit Pal App was designed with all of these things in mind, so you don’t need to bust your head calculating them each time you go out to a new job location, the app does it for you!

Profit Pal App Tutorial Click Here!

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Why Everyone in Business Should Have an App



Why Everyone in Business Should Have an App?

So why doesn't everyone have an app? Well until now, it’s taken a significant amount of time AND money to develop an app. How significant?

According to App Review sites even very simple apps will cost around $25,000.” (Not to mention, they take an average of 18 months to develop.) Most solopreneurs and small business owners simply don’t have this much cash OR time to invest in app creation.

Waiting 18 months for an app is entirely to long in this fast moving world!

So cost and time to make can definately be one reason why everyone doesn’t own an app for their business yet! The Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App took at least that long to create. Most’ smaller type businesses just don’t have that much money laying around to invest in creating their own Business App.

It’s much smarter to purchase an app already designed and sitting in one of the App Stores like Google Play or Apple iTunes.

So we invested the thousands of our own dollars and created an app which makes complicated, confusing methods of invoicing a thing of the past. . .

And saves business owners thousands because they don’t need to hire expensive developers. . . and they can skip paying the recurring fees the other invoicing apps charge!

So why doesn’t everyone have an app yet. Well it seems that many are afraid to adopt something they consider to be new. They may think that it’s just a fade and will pass.

But the statistics show that apps are here to stay and are being used by more and more people each and every day. So why doesn’t everyone have an app now?

Who can benefit by using this app? Local business owners , and entrepreneurs, it will generates excitement for your special offers . . . the ability to send push email notifications means you’ll get more customers coming in to check out your offers, and do it right from the app.

You can keep making excuses, or you can ‘get on board’ and start enjoying the same benefits many are all ready enjoying…

To get the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App just go to either of the App Stores and download it Today!!!

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