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Mobile Invoice Maker

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Mobile Invoicing App

A Mobile Invoice Maker can really help your business, and even simplify your life

Why you need a Mobile Invoice Maker

There are actually many reasons but I can list a few here.

  1. A Mobile Invoice Maker does just what the name implies. It allows you to make your invoices while you are mobile in your vehicle and on the road
  2. You’re no longer restricted to an office when sending out Mobile Invoices
  3. You don’t need to send invoices via traditional mail as you can email them to your clients, right from your Smartphone
  4. You can modify them on the fly, and just send them another one instantly as the situation dictates

There are just too many advantages to having a Mobile Invoice Maker. What if you’re not at the job site and your customer asks you for a copy of the invoice?

What are your options then if you’re using a Paper Invoice? OK, you have to first, write the invoice out. Then decide whether you will mail it to them, or actually drive to their house to give it to them, and what if they live far away from you?

Or what if you lose your Invoice Tablet? Then what? you’re not even sure what you put on the invoice in the first place.

These are just some of the problems with paper invoices.

Ok now let’s look at a Mobile Invoice Maker

You open the app on your phone enter the information, create the invoice, then hit send and you’re done. It’s on its way to your client. He or she opens their email and there’s the invoice you created waiting for them. Now isn’t that much more professional?

Another advantage is if you have a Mobile Printer in your vehicle and you are with the client you can just print it out right there in your vehicle. How’s that for convenience?

The thing I like best about a Mobile Invoice Maker is that I can be on vacation, and if someone asks for an invoice, I can just make it right there from my hotel room and send it.

I am not bound in any way. So why not get on board and make your Invoicing Life much easier. Get the app today!

So why am I suggesting you get my app? There’s a simple answer “because I made it for you and your business to succeed.” It’s really that simple no need to elaborate anymore.

If I didn’t think this app was good for you I wouldn’t be promoting it!


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Number one app for Tradesmen is a bold claim to make. But here’s why we make this claim.

The Small Business Solution

An Important Small Business Solution


The Small Business Solution

If you’re in any kind of small business today you obviously have many different challenges to overcome.

It’s really hard today for small businesses to compete with their larger counterparts. These bigger businesses have the resources to out-compete the little guy’s since they have the ability to spend large amounts of money to out advertise the smaller guy’s.  Especially if you as a small business owner don’t want to get into debt, and spend large amounts on advertising necessary to promote your business or products.

It’s easy to get left behind. And it seems that once the competition has made major gains, even in your own local backyard. It’s hard to get that business back.

So what to do? Well, one thing you can do is to use the technology that is available today to help reduce the gap between your business and the big guy’s.  That’s really your best bet.

There are technologies today that can make your business appear to be just as professional as those big guy’s.

Some examples are: almost every business today has a website why do you think that is? It’s because almost everyone today searches for things online if your business is not where you’re at an obvious disadvantage.

If you aren’t using cell phones and email you at a disadvantage. A small business solution and a very important part of your business are to have the ability to mobile invoice your customers. If you can’t do that your business disadvantaged.

You will need to adopt the new technologies if your business is to remain relevant in today’s business climate.

The good news is that it’s really not that difficult to do. The Small Business Solution and what I have for you today is, a simple way to improve your businesses competitive score,  is to get an Invoicing App. One like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App.

This one move alone can greatly improve your business’s ability to survive in these technological times.

The website for you to learn more is https://profitpal1.com there you will not only learn all about mobile invoicing your clients but they will teach you how to do it.

You know you need cell phones to communicate on the road and that’s easy for you now, so why shouldn’t you adopt mobile invoicing your customers as the way to do business today as well.

Sometimes we hesitate because we are intimidated and don’t think we can learn the new ways of doing things. Just know that the Profit Pal Mobil Invoicing App was designed with you in mind.

Unless you take a chance and adopt the new technologies you won’t make much progress. It’s important to try new things.

So it’s going to get you through it and you will be a Pro, at mobile invoicing very quickly.

Enhance Your Profitability with Invoice Automation

Thanks for reading!

The Profit Pal Team

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Cheap Invoicing Software


Cheap Invoicing Software, is it really worth it?

When purchasing invoicing software for your business one should really be looking into whether the software is going to do what you need to accomplish, not whether it is cheap invoicing software.

You could really be asking for trouble using free or cheap as the indicator whether or not to get the software. Something that doesn’t cost you anything initially may actually turn out to be a costly proposition.

Your main concern should be does this software get me closer to my goals. The Profit Pal Mobile App software was designed with your business in mind. That’s why it has the boxes designed for you to enter the important information in them. It then takes that information and calculates the job for you. Showing you instantly whether or not the job makes sense for you.

This ability is what separates the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App from the rest of the invoicing software out there. Believe when I say I know how many different invoicing apps there are on the market place. But none of them can do what this app does. That’s because it was created by a trade’s person who knows what things need to go into to a job quoting and invoicing program.

This app was designed to take all of the pertinent number and calculate them in a way that insures that you are getting paid on those items. All you have to do is to enter the numbers like your hourly rate, the amount of hours you expect the job to take and it even has the Map Pins so that you can get the distance to the job in order to account for your travel expenses.

The Profit Pal Team has already thought of all of these contingencies and provided you with places to account for them. This is what makes this app so powerful.

For instance we knew that one area that trade’s people were neglecting was the expenses for their vehicles. That’s why we included the Map Pins they use your phones GPS capability to calculate the distance to your next job.  This is just one of the ways that the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App helps you with your business. Why not download our app today and see how it can help your business!

The Profit Pal Ream


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Simple Invoice Template


Creating the Simple Invoice

Create a simple invoice using the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App, and the simple invoice template. The Profit Pal App has a simple invoice template that allows you to create your very own simple invoice.

It has to be among the easiest to use. All you do is hit the create company template, and the invoice template opens, and you begin by entering your company’s information. Such as the companies name, address, phone number, fax number if you have one, and anything else you like in there. Once done you simply hit save and you have created your Simple Invoice Template.

Now, whenever you enter the data for a new job and save the job. That data will not only go into a jobs file, but it will be used to fill in the invoices you create. Then whenever you want to it will go onto your simple invoice, you just select the create invoice button, select the job from the job file and when you hit the save button the app will bring all of the job data into the new invoice.

It’s just that simple! This simple invoice template can now be used as many times as you like. This is how you do it, you have created a simple invoice to give to your clients. You can either view it, print it, or hand directly to your client. This app is available today not in the future. Give it a try it’s available right now, this simple invoicing template today at https://profitpal1.com

The Profit Pal Team



Labor Accounting and Invoicing Apps

Accounting Excel Spread Sheet

Labor Accounting and Profit Pal App

When it’s time to account for the labor the Profit Pal App can help.

There comes a time for every business when there is a need to account for the labor performed on jobs. Invoicing apps are great but not all are created like the Profit Pal App. This app has the ability to track the hours performed on each job. Since this is one of the areas featured in the app.

The app actually calculates your labor hours times your hourly rate. This information along with much more is used to calculate your job totals. Apps are great for this purpose since they can save the information about the job and even send reports to you.

This ability is a great time saver when it comes time to account for the labor hours performed on any task. Whatever business you are engaged in this app can track that information for you.

This kind of data is essential to businesses since it allows you to see how well you are being compensated for your work. Some jobs that you do may require a higher or a lower rate of pay depending on the type of work involved.

Some of the invoicing apps out there don’t do this calculation for you, but Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App does!

You can always learn more, everything you need to know about the app you can get here just by reading the articles at, https://profitpal1.com

Hope this gave you a better understanding and a way to track your labor hours.

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The Profit Pal App & One Plumber’s Story

Paul the Plumber's Story

Paul had a problem making a profit after all of his cost of doing business.

This became a great source of frustration for Paul. He was almost ready to throw in the towel, and go out of business.

He felt it was easier to just work for someone else, especially  since he wasn’t making profit the way things were going.

Paul say’s the problem was that he never knew  what his cost for doing a job actually was. Most of the time he was just guessing at the numbers.

What he needed was a way to be sure. Then one day he was doing a little web surfing, and he ran across an app that was called the Profit Pal App.

It sparked something in him so he decided to take a look. He began to read the information on the website that said “a new way to calculate your business expenses.”

His interest peaked. As he read about how this app could be used to create better job estimates, and even account for his fuel cost. Well that was one item he hadn’t even considered when estimating jobs. And here was an app that could do all this for him.  He felt that if it could do that, then how much more  could this app actually do. He decided to take a chance and download the app to his smartphone.

Paul told the  us that since he started using the Profit Pal App his estimates are right on the money, and his profits are finally on the rise.

Paul thanks us for creating the app, and says he most likely would have still been losing money had he not stumbled on the Profit Pal App.

Maybe you feel a little like Paul, maybe your profits aren’t where you’d like them to be. My suggestion is to try out this app, it’s inexpensive,  and what if it actually does what it says? You won’t know if don’t try, so why don’t you at least give it a try.

The Profit Pal Team



No Monthly Subscription Required Ever! Just One Time Purchase!

" The New Feature is Here" it's The Inventory Control Feature

Purchase now, and receive the Ugrade free of Charge automatically, as soon as it's available! Because your app will update when ever you log in to it.

Beat any price increases by purchasing now!

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How to Use the App Video

Inventory Control Feature Video

Invoice Function in the App Video

How to Make Coupons with the App Video

Customer Reviews

Profit Pal

By, Ron's Plumbing

I use Profit Pal for my small plumbing business and it has been great! It has positively transformed my invoicing and bookkeeping. Now, I can't imagine running my business without Profit Pal.


Rumble Jungle

Awesome App!!!! 3 thumbs up. Was so good I had to Borough one from a friend. Good job guys!Click Here! Your time is valuable


Chris Lachance

Great tool for estimating projects Love having this! I can make job estimates and quote on the spot now. Perfect tool to maximize potential income, and remain competitive.


User reviews



See what the Profit Pal App can do for you as well…

Using this app is easy and it was designed to help you with your business

You can make and send invoices to clients

The App has many well thoughtout features to help you track and improve your business earnings

The App helps you to account for all of your business cost

In the app you create your job estimates and invoice your clients and so much more

Your clients will be happy when they receive timely and accurate invoices by email

With this app you can even send coupons to your clients for additional business


Invoicing Clients


Estimating and Billing
Estimating and Billing


Invoicing Clients with an App

It’s important to have an app for invoicing clients on your smartphone. You really should have an invoicing app on your phone, because when you do, you can invoice a client no matter where you are.

That’s the beauty of having an invoicing app. In this way, an app can really free you up. Let me give you a scenario. Let’s say that you’re on your way to your family’s annual vacation, got the car all loaded up, families in the car and you’re on the road. And all of a sudden you get a call from a client asking you for a copy of their invoice for a job you did for them. This is not just any client but one that gives you great jobs that make you a lot of money. He’s probably paying for that vacation you’re going on. Now if you’re still using paper invoices there wouldn’t be anything you could do at that point to help your client.

Now let’s look at it with you having an invoicing app like the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App on your smartphone. In this case, you open the app go to the Invoice tab, that opens the job file, hit the +, select the job you did for that client by taping on the Radio button on the right of the screen this puts a check mark on that file. You hit the Calculate button at the top of your screen, the app brings that job over to the Invoice Template where you already have all of your company’s information. Then at the top of your phone open a tab that has the choices you hit Send file, you select Email, or Messaging, if you select Email it immediately puts that invoice in an email, and since you already had the clients email address in from before, it’s ready to go you simply hit send.

That’s if you have the app on your phone, if not, you’ll most like have to tell your client they will need to wait until you get back from your vacation. Not exactly the best way to treat your clients is it?

So don’t fight the trend, get the Profit Pal App today believe me when I say you’ll be happy with it…


Still not sure watch this Plumbers review the app Profit Pal App User Review!


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