Profit Pal App Title Field

Profit Pal App Title Field

One of the great features the Profit Pal App has is the Title Field if you prefer to call it a box, that’s OK too. I do, I generally just call them boxes to be filled in.

When you open the app you start at the Goal screen. About halfway down the page there is a Green Dot with a + sign in it. When you tap that Plus sign you will be taken to the new jobs page. This is where you enter all of the job.

You start with the Title field. It can be really useful when used correctly.  If you are an electrician or a plumber, or refrigerator repairman or… for example: you most likely went to a physical address to do the job.

You can enter that address into the title field.  Or you can enter what ever data in the title field that you want,  its just to help you if you ever need to look it up again in the future. Since you followed the Profit Pal instructions “ha hum,” and ‘Saved’ the job as it says to do.  Then what happened is that the Profit Pal App sent you an email from your phone ( that is’ if you have your email account set up on your phone as most people do) to the email address you used when you purchased the app in the Google Play Store or the Apple I-tunes store.

And in that email was a lot of information and the information entered in the title field is just one of them.  Now not only will you have the property address, if that is what you wrote in there, you will also have copies of the maps if you used the map pins located in the app, which I am sure you did if you followed the instructions in the app.

The maps will show you the location you were at when you did the job.  This information should be a big help to you should you need to go back for more work to the same location, at some time in the future.

Can you begin to see the power of the Profit Pal App. Each field or box’ was deeply thought about, and how it would help small business person. The creator of the app comes from a family of trade’s people, and has owned several businesses, so he knew what data was important to capture. The data you entered is that data, and it fits into the overall job picture so as to be comprehensive in nature.

By the time you finish a job the last thing you want is to realize you were not paid for some portion of the job i.e. travel, fuel cost, or taxes you had to pay on the materials that went into the job. These are a few of the areas that Trade’s men and women can get short changed in. Profit Pal was designed to stop that from happening.

Download the app at the app stores just follow the link that applies to your smartphone.

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