Free Invoicing Apps

Free Invoicing Apps Something for Nothing? It seems that in this day and age everyone wants to get something for free. Thus the pervasive amount of free stuff out there. Can anything really be free, how would people get paid for the work that they do? This article is about all of the free apps […]

Company Invoice Template

New company Invoice Template First a  great feature of the Profit Pal App, is the Create Company Invoice Template feature. This feature allows you to create your companies invoice template. Once created and saved this information will go into each invoice you create to give to your customers. When you tap on the invoicing tab, you will see […]

Plumbers, Do You Know Where Your Profits Come From?

Plumbers, Stop wasting your effort and start maximizing your time… You should know your profit areas it’s important for your business. Plumbers, it’s time you stopped second-guessing your business profits. And that’s easier than you may think. When you take into consideration all of the areas that you can be making more on. Many plumbers […]