Job Changes in the Field


When the Job Changes in the Field

Whenever the job changes in the field it’s no problem with the Profit Pal App. Many of you Tradespeople out there know that many times when you arrive at a job it is much different than what the customer told you on the phone.

When it becomes necessary to modify the estimate you gave the customer. This is no problem with Profit Pal, all you do is tap the Pencil on that particular job and make the changes and recalculate. If it was additional materials, which is usually the case then Profit Pal will even automatically add the tax based on the percentage tax you originally entered for the job.

This is how the Profit Pal App makes your job easier. How many trade’s people forget to add the tax that they will have to pay for the new items that are being added to the job.

This is what the app was designed to help with. When you enter the job data into the appropriate fields the app takes care of the rest.

These changes are required quite often since it’s difficult to accurately estimate the job until you have actually seen it. And there will be many additions as well as subtractions when you arrive at the job location.

Things like travel distance and fuel may not change much but surely adding additional materials will be an issue. Just know that you can change any of these numbers just by taping the pencil and entering the new values. Profit Pal App Tutorial Click Here!

So why am I suggesting you get my app? There’s a simple answer “because I made it for you and your business to succeed.” It’s really that simple no need to elaborate anymore.

If I didn’t think this app was the best app for you I wouldn’t be promoting it!


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Adding and Invoicing Materials in the Profit Pal App

Invoice Materials in the Profit Pal App

Profit Pal now includes a no materials box you can use to bypass adding materials if not desired! Check and use when invoicing jobs that don’t require materials. By checking that box you can continue within the job and invoice save it and send it to the client.

To Invoice with materials

To invoice materials you’ll start by tapping the Company Inventory button on the App Features Screen (main screen).

When adding materials to the app you need to first create your materials inventory! You’ll do this by selecting  “Company Inventory” Button and then select the “New material” button. There you’ll enter the Part Name, Price per unit, Size, and Start QTY. Once added tap the Calculate button at the top of the screen. Each time you add a part you must hit the Calculate button to submit it to the app.

Once you have created the list by adding each part and tapping the large “Save” button you’ll see it say “submission” and save that part of the list. You can now use the Add Materials feature on the jobs creation screen by tapping “Edit to upload materials” it will go to the Materials List and let you select the material and quantities to add to the job.

Now when you are creating your job file for the particular job where it says Current Job Total: just below that in Red it says Tap Edit to upload materials, you tap there. Then tap the big green button that says “Upload materials” it will open up your materials list tap “Select material” you’ll see all of the materials you have added to the list.

You’ll select the item you are adding to the job the quantity, and tap the calculate button at the top, and the app will add it to the job. Hit the + and continue to add parts from your list each time you add a new part to the invoice just hit the calculate button at the top and that item is added to the job file and later to the invoice.

That’s all there is to it! Just practice it a few times and you’ll get it!

The Profit Pal App Team