Intructions For Profit Pal App

Instructions for Profit Pal App


  • Start Profit Pal by clicking on the Profit Pal Icon
  • Profit Pal opens to the Terms of Use Page on first use (once Terms of Use are excepted will not show upon subsequent openings)
  • The Profit Pal Form Page opens here start by entering information into the boxes (all boxes used for data inputs) located in the upper right side of page Note: You do not need to enter an amount if not using that particular box opr just put a zero in it. This is to help you stay on course to your earnings goal
  • Expected Jobs Box: enter number of Expected jobs for the current week i.e., if you average 5 jobs per week enter the number 5 in this box
  • Add New Job: by clicking the Green (+) sign next to the add New Job box ( Profit Pal opens the New Job Page)
  • Job Title Box: Enter a job title in the Job Title Box i.e.; can be an address or just the name of something
  • Description Box: enter a description about the particular job i.e.; Replace main water line or Repaired electrical box etcetera…
  • Job Location Map Pin: to the right of the Description Box Tap the Map Pin Icon (opens a map that shows your current location (here you move the map until you see the location of the new job (general location is good enough) Tap the screen a Red Star (  imagesIBJMI3DB ) appears at that location. This is used to calculate the distance to your new job. Move the map until you see the general location of the new job. Then Tap the map a red star appears at that location. Now at the top left hand side of the screen click the Done button
  • Number of hours Box : enter the number of hours the job is expected to take
  • $/hour Dollars Per Hour enter your hourly rate ( Profit Pal automatically calculates the estimated hours times dollar amount ) and show it in the Estimated Hours ($) Box
  • Current Location Map Icon click on it and the map opens once again and will be showing your current location again ( imagesIBJMI3DB) to the left side top and click the Done Button ( Profit Pal has Calculated the distance and entered it into the Distance from your current location to the new job) this information is used to calculate on Fuel Cost and Travel Cost
  • Fuel Cost/Per gallon Box Here you enter your actual cost for fuel in gallons ( i.e.; $3.65/gallon you would enter 3.65) Profit Pal automatically populates the Total Travel cost based on distance and your fuel cost
  • Travel Cost Box automatically calculated by Profit Pal based on fuel cost and mileage entered from the Maps
  • Mileage Expense Box: in the Mileage Expense box enter an amount that your business charges for travel wear and tear on your vehicles (i.e.; .52 / dollar) this will get multiplied on the miles traveled.
  • Difficulty Level : enter a level from 1 to 5 and enter a dollar amount, this is an added amount for the difficulty ( i.e. ; something that is above and beyond the normal scope of work such as digging a ditch to install a pipe )
  • Materials : enter the $ amount of the materials used on the job (note: if no materials enter a (0) there or just leave empty)
  • Tax on Materials : enter a percentage amount as a whole number i.e.; the number 9 = 9% etcetera based on your State ( this percentage is multiplied on the materials only since tax is not charged on Labor) Profit Pal makes this calculation for you based on the percentage you put here
  • Calculate Button : when you hit calculate at the top of the screen Profit Pal crunches all of the numbers and back to the you started at and shows the jobs in a list first to last on the page you will have, Current Job Total, Total Jobs Cost, Additional Jobs, and Average Job Cost needed to reach your established goal
  • Save Button : the Save function at the top left to save the job and automatically send a two reports via email to the email account you used when you signed up for the app
  • That concludes entering the job, next is Invoicing

Using the Invoice Feature in Profit Pal App One of the outstanding features of the Profit Pal App is its ability to create invoices. These are the steps for using the Invoicing Feature

  1. Start the app (you are at the Job List screen)
  2. Tap the Invoice Icon at the bottom of the screen (Invoice function opens)
  3. Tap the New Jobs button
  4. Tap the Add Jobs Green Dot with the Plus Symbol in it +
  5. Enter the Job information into the New Job Screen
  6. Tap the Calculate button (now shows current Job)
  7. Tap the Submit button (top right side of screen)
  8. Tap Invoice Icon again
  9. Tap New Invoice (fill the company information)
  10. Tap Choose Job (the Green Dot with the + symbol in it)
  11. Scroll till you find the job you just saved (tab the Dot next for green-checkmark-clip-artthat job a Check mark shows up in the Dot green-checkmark-clip-artgreen-checkmark-clip-art
  12. Tap Calculate (top of screen) Profit Pal brings the data over to the invoice
  13. Tap Save at bottom of screen (you’re done)
  14. Menu shows up on your phone with the programs that you use to view your files
  15. Tap whichever viewer program you want to use to open the invoice
  16. Now you can View, Send to an email address, or Print

  Take a little time to get familiar with the app. Play with it by creating fictitious jobs and saving them to see how Profit Pal performs the calculations for you.

It is our sincere wish that Profit Pal serves you well, and that it helps you to improve your income numbers in whatever business you’re in.   From the Profit Pal team Thanks for purchasing the Profit Pal App.   Profit Pal App Video Tutorial Click Here!

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