Did You Know?

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Did You Know?

Did you know that with the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App you can account for things like the cost of using your vehicle to get to the job-site?

Did you know that with this app on your Smart Phone or Tablet you can easily enter the location of the job using the Map Pins, and the app will automatically calculate the distance from where you are to the new job location for you?

This app was designed with trade’s people in mind, and since most of you tradespeople have trucks that you use to bring your tools to the job site, this was an important feature to include.

As you use the app you’ll see the advantages which were included to allow you to make better estimates of your actual job cost.

There’s even a box where you enter your fuel cost, and the app will calculate mileage and the distance cost for you. Now can you begin to see how this app will help you in your day to day business needs?

Did you know the app saves this information into a job file, so anytime you need to look up a job information it’s easy to access it right there on your Smart Phone or Tablet, and you can give quick answers as to what was done on that particular job?

Did you know that by using this app you’ll be saving countless hours that can be better used for other important things?

These are just some of the features in this app. So why should you hesitate when you can own this app on your Smart Phone or Tablet for just a onetime cost of $9.99. It’s very inexpensive and the benefits are priceless.

This app is packed full of benefits for you! To see all of these benefits and more we’ve just explained get the Profit Pal Mobile Invoicing App from one of the App Stores Today, and take it for a test drive.