Best Apps for Small Business

Best Apps for Small Business

Here are some of the best apps created for small business.

Business owners need to think of many aspects of social media consultants, accounting, customer service specialist and many other aspects that concern business activities. Thanks to the world of advanced technology where we now have many apps developed to help the entrepreneur and reducing the loads a little bit.

Profit Pal App

This app was created to help small business have the same advantages as the large companies and to be just as effective in their day to day activities. The app can calculate any job, and saves each job to a Job file where it can be looked at whenever needed. This app comes with many useful features such as the ability to create your own coupons to send to clients. Definitely, an app that should be looked at if you’re in business today.


Evernote app helps small business owners to store notes in an orderly way. You can get some information from the web, identifying them for easy location and inserting of pictures, audio, and videos. With Evernote app, you can access your business information on your device anywhere you might be.


This is accounting software specially developed for small business with less than ten employees. It allows small business owners to trace their income and expenditures, management of invoice, generate reports, scan receipts and paying the employees. It comes with different types of apps which cover every aspect of small business accounting.


The toggle is a time tracking app which was designed to help small business done in a simple way. With just one click, the timer will track where every second of your working time to the end. It can also be used for tracking projects, export timesheets, view graphs and synchronize you output with other project management apps.


The square app is developed for small business owners who rely on selling points, but have a restricted budget for the payment system. It comes with an easy card reader that can be inserted into any mobile device. The square app operates just like the big POS systems that encourage the scanning of payment cards and process payments.


Upwork is an app developed for small business owners with little employees. With Upwork app, you can hire freelancer by posting a job offer on the platform. They will match you with a good and skillful freelancer suitable for your job. Upwork app helps make work easier and simple for small business owners.

As a small business owner, there’s no need to make things hard for yourself. We are now in technology advanced world, and all these mobile apps have been developed to make things easier for you.

Note: Some of these applications require monthly subscriptions while others only require a onetime pay.

Something to think about!