How to upload Materials into the Invoice on Profit Pal App

If you’ve needed a little help on how to upload your material to the invoice in the Profit Pal App, then this is for you! These are the steps that you’ll take to Invoice the materials on to the invoice to get paid for them Once you have created the job and saved it to the Jobs file you just do the following, and you’ll get it in no time. You may want to practice this a couple of times and you’ll get it!

Start Here! Here you are in the App Features Screen tap on New Invoice


After Tapping on the Date for your invoice, then select the + job by Taping the round button for the job you want to invoice Next image

Select the job by tapping in the ball and a checkmark goes in the ball, Then Tap Calculate at the top right

Next Tap the Edit Button Tapping Edit brings up the materials 

Select the materials you would like to add


Tap the Calculate button right top

Now tap Upload materials, Then tap Calculate button at the top

Tap Green Save button

Next Tap the Save button the invoice is created and a copy is sent to the email address you have in the Send to box


And you’re Done you’ve created a great looking invoice to send to your client!