Using the Invoicing Feature in Profit Pal App

Using the Invoicing Feature In The Profit Pal App

The Invoicing Feature is one of the outstanding features in the Profit Pal App is its ability to create invoices. It’s so easy with this app, all you do is follow the prompts. This article, will explain the Invoice function and actually give you the steps to use it on how to use it.

1.      Start the app ( you are on the Job List screen)

2.      Tap the Invoice Icon at the bottom of the screen ( Invoice function opens )

3.      Tap the New Jobs button

4.      Tap the Add Jobs Green Dot with the Plus Symbol in it   +

5.      Enter the Job information into the New Job Screen

6.      Tap the Calculate button ( now shows current Job )

7.      Tap the Submit button ( top right side of the screen )

8.       Tap Invoice Icon again

9.      Tap New Invoice ( fill the company information )

10.  Tap Choose Job ( the Green Dot with the + symbol in it )

11.  Scroll till you find the job you just saved ( tab tgreen-checkmark-clip-arthe Dot next to that job a Checkmark shows up in the green Dot   green-checkmark-clip-art

12.  Tap Calculate ( top of the screen ) Profit Pal brings the data over to the invoice

13.  Tap Save at bottom of the screen ( your done )

14.  The menu shows up from your phone with the programs that you use to view your files

15.  Tab whichever one you want to use invoice opens

16.  Now you can View, Send to an email address, or Print